Letter: Tip for Oxygen Absorbers

Dear HJL,

Here is a tip for those who will use oxygen absorbers for storage but will not use the whole lot.

So you have your bulk grains and what not in mylar bags and buckets ready to close off. You bought a package of oxygen absorbers and you will not need all of them this time. What’s to be done? Quickly open the package and place the absorbers in zip lock bags, being careful to flush the oxygen out of each when you close it up. Put just what you need for each bucket in each zip lock. (Snack size bags work well for 2 or 3 1000 CC absorbers, which is what you will quite often need for a 5-gallon bucket.) Then use your handy dandy hot jaws (or your plain old clothes iron, if you’re low tech like me!) and close your spare oxygen absorber package still in its original packaging (again flushing out the oxygen as you seal it up), and you’re done ! If you do it right, the pink dot in the package won’t even change color at all. Then finally, at your leisure, open each zip lock and drop your absorbers in your mylar bag as you seal each one up. This way you can take your time to seal each bucket. It’s that simple. – J.L.