News From The American Redoubt:

Act III – Finale – “a long train of abuses and usurpations…” – Link sent in by J.H.

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Idaho, SWAT destroys home for hours, but it was empty except for a dog. – T.Z.

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Family camping in Idaho saves girl from mountain lion

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ShepherdFarmerGeek writes in:

The independently-made movie “Amerigeddon” is coming to Spokane Valley, Thursday, September 15th. Here’s what the movie is about and the trailer.

The way it works is they need to have more pre-showing ticket sales to guarantee a showing. It’s pretty clever. As of this writing (Sunday evening, August 14) they need 56 more interested people in the next 17 days. There’s GOT to be that many preppers in the greater Spokane area!

The movie was co-written by the son of Chuck Norris and the scenario has to do with the New World Order and EMP. It’ll give everyone something to think about and maybe spur some thoughtful conversations and preparation. Bring your friends, neighbors, and drag your older kids along. There’s NOTHING like seeing a movie to drive home what we’ve been talking and writing about all these years.

The Shepherdess and I are planning to attend. Please forward this information on to everyone you know in the greater Spokane area who might be interested. It will be a stirring challenge to see what the future COULD hold and how patriotic Americans might yet be able to save something of our American values and ideals. Not having seen the movie, I’m not “totally” endorsing it, but it looks good from the trailer. Come join us and let’s watch together!

Trust God. Be Prepared. We can do both! – ShepherdFarmerGeek

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