Letter Re: GP100


I always enjoy Pat Cascio’s reviews, even if they’re for items I don’t intend to buy. His regular Joe language and honest reviews are appreciated. I was particularly happy to read the review of the Ruger GP 100, my personal EDC firearm for the last one year+. I have always preferred revolvers and have always shot them better than a semi-auto. I know Pat said he doesn’t carry this gun as a concealed firearm, but it can be done. I started out with a standard IWB holster and have also, on occasion, ankle carried mine. (It’s the 3” barrel model and with fixed sights.)

I wear cargo pants at work, so although ankle carry is my least favorite type (one of my old bosses on the PD used to say of ankle carry“You’d better make an appointment with that thing to get it out”) I have to wear my shirt tucked in, so I didn’t think I had much choice as the warm weather rolled around. I ended up finding a belly band style holster on Amazon, and it is awesome. It is now my favorite way to carry this gun. Although I sacrifice a bit of speed vs. IWB, I can carry it easily concealed under my slightly bloused polo shirt, and no one is any the wiser. As for reloads, I always carry speed strips with a revolver and in a future SurvivalBlog “how to” article, I will hopefully detail how I can comfortably (really!) carry as many as 66 rounds total on my person with my gun! Thanks for the review, Pat. The GP 100 is a formidable self-defense gun for us “dinosaurs”! – Spotlight