Letter Re: Velcro on Tactical Gear

Dear Hugh,

Regarding the use of Velcro on tactical gear, I have something which might be of importance that I would like to share.

Due to an old athletic injury, I wear an ankle brace for both stability and compression on a daily basis. I have been wearing a brace of one kind or another for more than 40 years. I currently use a brace employing an elastic wrap around with a Velcro closure. It is both convenient and holds tight.

Until, that is, the Velcro begins to wear out. With daily use it does wear out rather quickly.

I have to replace my brace about twice a year. As the Velcro wears out, it no longer holds the elastic in place.

In a SHTF situation, consider several things: A. Your gear is going to get dirty; as Velcro gets dirty, it is not as effective, and cleaning it is not really an option as pieces of fabric and lint can get caught in it and inhibit it from doing its job of sticking to itself.

B. Through heavy daily use it simply wears out rather quickly. I DO use my Velcro brace in the here and now, and I have purchased many extra braces for the future, however I have set aside some less convenient but likely more durable methods of stabilizing my weak ankle in a SHTF scenario. I have purchased some alternative ankle stabilizers without the wrap arounds, some ace bandages, and several pair of high top hiking boots, which I have broken in very well.

In short, I would go with a snap closure on your tactical gear as I have done. Velcro is an amazing modern invention, but without a practical means of manufacturing more I do not see it as being viable for long-term use.

One suggestion though would be to raid the local fabric stores and buy several spools of Velcro in order that it might be sewn into any tactical gear as it wears out. But I still believe that at some point, those snap closures may seem like a nice luxury.

Just my opinion!

Keep posting, and I will keep reading “The Blog”!

God bless and God be with You! – Plain Jane Prepper