Letter Re: Felons Voting

Here’s a list of states that allow or don’t allow felons to vote. I really don’t know how I feel about this, because I know several people personally that have been to prison who truly turned their lives around and are good people now. I’m also a little unsure about restoring 2nd amendment rights to them, too. Shouldn’t a person be able to defend himself? On the other hand, I don’t want predators running around armed. Like the law will stop that, but still… I guess restoring rights could be on a person-by-person basis, but the time and resources that would take would probably be massive. I’m obviously conflicted over this. If the bad guys would stay bad maybe it would be easier. In a case like what happened in Oregon, if convicted, when they get out would we want people like Bundy to not be able to vote? I think this is a subject that can get into very deep (philosophical) water very fast. – C.J.