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What Americans Spent The Most Money On In Q1

U.S. Economy Slows, with GDP Growing 0.5% in First Quarter

This Is Where America’s Runaway Inflation Is Hiding

Video: Greg Hunter USA Watchdog – Bill Holter-Without Price Suppression Gold Would be $5,000 to $10,000

Video: Greg Hunter USA Watchdog – Gregory Mannarino-We Are Living In an Environment Where Nothing Is Real

Items from Professor Preponomics:

US News

United Healthcare Cries Uncle (Citizens Against Government Waste) Excerpt: “More than half of the non-profit Obamacare-created CO-OPs have collapsed, wasting billions of tax dollars. It’s predicted that most will eventually go under, in spite of the dubious accounting gimmicks the Obama administration provided to keep them afloat.”

As Obamacare Collapses, Prepare for Single Payer (Independent Sentinel) Excerpt: “The findings fulfill all expectations of Republicans and suggest that Obamacare is a complete waste of money. No business would have survived such a massive failure.”

Conservatives Can’t Let Obamacare’s Collapse Go to Waste (Conservative Review) Excerpt: “Conservatives need to be ready to explain why and to present solutions, because advocates for fully socialized medicine will be ready to turn the collapsing exchanges to their advantage.”

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International News

Italy Bank Lifeline Buys Time as Atlas Shows Herculean Task (Bloomberg) Excerpt: “…Italian banking authorities are calling for these lifelines as they race to shore up a financial system burdened by 360 billion euros of doubtful loans, an amount equivalent to almost a quarter of the nation’s gross domestic product.”

Greece’s Debt Crisis Looks Familiar, but Consequences May be Worse (Financial Times) Excerpt: “While Europe’s political class has been consumed with preventing refugees from entering the EU and Britain from exiting, the mother of all EU crises has slowly and quietly been gathering steam again: Greece.

Personal Economics and Household Finance

Get Ready for Huge Obamacare Premium Hikes in 2017 (The Fiscal Times) Hold on to your wallets. Contact your state insurance commissioners in protest. Excerpt: “I’ve been asked, what are the premiums going to look like?” she said. “I don’t know because it also varies by state, market, even within markets. But I think the overall trend is going to be higher than we saw previous years. That’s my big prediction.”

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