Letter Re: The Sole Purpose of the 2nd Amendment


What Prepper Jane said in this piece, I’ve been trying to tell my more brainwashed, left-leaning acquaintances for years; both symbolically and practically, rescinding our right to bear arms would open the gates for the rest of our rights to be either abridged or eliminated completely. It would also make it easy for TPTB to label those who didn’t “go along with the program” as “outlaws”, “domestic terrorists”, and “enemies of the state”. If our public indoctrination centers (…er… schools) had been teaching fact over the years, this would be a hard sell. Alas, instead of reading and learning from history books, most American kids these days are reading “Heather Has Two Mommies”. Anyone with eyes can see that “gun” control has nothing to do with “safety”. If it did, TPTB would go after the existing criminals instead of creating a whole new class of them by drawing yet another “red line “, – Pete H.