Readers’ Recommendations of the Week:

SurvivalBlog reader DMS writes in: I only have one faith-based movie to recommend this week for good reason– it stands alone! It comes with one question, one statement, and one warning. The question: What are you doing right now?? The statement: Yes, we have lost rights. Let’s take them back the same way we lost them– one right at a time. The warning: If you lost one of my brothers or sisters who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice, the ending of the movie may be too much. (I had a tough moment but a good wife.) Okay, the movie is Last Ounce of Courage. It’s a story of faith, family, and freedom.

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Two highly recommended sports movies, both based on true stories.

When the Game Stands Tall The winningest high school football team in history. The important part is that’s not the important part– character is.

Woodlawn Birmingham, Alabama, during one of the worst times. A spiritual awakening began at Woodlawn High School in their football team and moved through the whole city. – C.P.

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Reader M.B. suggests two of his favorite movies (that he watches over and over again):

Culpepper Cattle Company(1972) Perhaps the best cowboy movie made IMHO. Great coming of age story, graphic violence (not glorified but realistic), and a great portrayal of the gritty and self-reliant life of the old cowboys. Preview link

Sorcerer (1977) A remake of the old French film Wages of Fear about four fugitives hired to drive trucks loaded with nitroglycerin across rugged terrain to extinguish a oil well fire sparked by terrorists. Some things never change, oil and terrorists that is. Preview link

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AM & Family suggested these movies as well:

The Debt


Super 8

War Games – An older movie but a good one.