No Way!- Part 1, by J.P.

This is a letter to my fellow Americans. My heart is to help Americans see that which is coming.

Okay, take a breath, slow down for a moment, open your eyes, and take a good look. What do you see, what do you hear, and then what do you feel? Something isn’t right. What happened to safe streets, children playing outside alone, and walking downtown to the movies on Saturday afternoon. Why are all of the house doors locked all of the time. Where did our America go? English, who speaks that language? When are we saying the Pledge of Allegiance with our hand over our hearts or The Lord’s Prayer, if you can remember that far back?

America is in trouble, and you are America. America is this large glob of people living on a big lot interconnected with roads, planes, trains, wires, and wireless tentacles keeping all related to each other in one form or another on a day to day basis. It’s quite a large metabolic mechanism to keep in check and working all together in somewhat melodious harmony. Well, the harmony part is getting a little weak, which then makes the whole thing a little weak. Harmony is what Americans were all about. (Notice the key word– were.) Family is America’s backbone, and when the backbone is weakened, America becomes endangered. She loses her harmony and she becomes weak and negligent. We’re so involved with the movie of life, we have stopped paying attention.

It’s time to pay attention folks! The title of this article– “No Way”– is like saying “I can’t”. “Can’t” couldn’t do anything, the saying goes. “No way”, or is it “Yes way”, there is something sneaking up on you, and you need to pay attention and take your eyes off the movie of life for a moment. If you get caught unaware, you won’t be finishing the movie. If that happens, then you will have to contend with the “Oh No”, so to speak.

You have stuff to get done. It’s just not what you are thinking. What could that be; life is good, and all is well. All is not well, my friends. There is an America who has lost its harmony and has become negligent of its foundation. When you don’t take care of your home, it will eventually fall apart from outside forces– rain, wind, sun, bugs, dirt, and, you know, the usual stuff. Other outside forces are chipping away at America. She has become vulnerable because she has become negligent. She is not in harmony and her foundation is becoming weakened. Weak foundations are frail and do not have the strength to resist outside forces. Yes, you got stuff to do alright. It is defending the foundation.

Let’s be honest. There are forces in the world that hate America, hate Americans, and want us destroyed. Those forces represent the worst of evil that can be imagined. There is good, and there is evil. That theme runs through almost every movie we watch. Evil exists, and we must stop thinking, “No way. We are the good guys, and good guys always win in the movies.” Yes they do but not without a fight. What fight? A fight for your family and for America. America is weakened and you are in a weakened state. Furthermore, the idea of “No way” is in your head. Can you and your family resist outside forces who want you gone? I dare say, you cannot resist, because you are being caught unaware and unprepared to react to a surprise! Outside forces are sneaking up on us, slowly, so as not to be alarmingly noticed. However, if you would stop and listen, you would notice. You would notice that your foundation is weak, and you would notice that you are not prepared to react to a surprise. The world of evil is not going to announce its intentions. They will be a surprise, which you will have to react to. You will, of course, react with shock and then maybe panic, if you are not prepared.

Are you prepared? For what, I don’t know. In Boy Scouts, I was taught to be prepared for anything. What is anything? Anything is whatever it takes to survive an incident, whether it be a scratch falling off your bicycle, a 10 car pile-up on the interstate, or a Midwest tornado. Being prepared means having the mental capacity and resources required to deal with an unscheduled event. What are you supposed to be preparing for? Well, I don’t know. You say, “What could possibly happen?” Then, you are one of those “No way” people, eh, where nothing bad is going to happen. That is why you are not prepared for surprises. Surprises only happen to other people, but if you got this far in the article, maybe you are beginning to stop and listen.

Listen. Surprises do happen. Surprises can be anything from a short scare to something that results in death. Surprises really don’t care about you and whether you are prepared. The funny thing is that when surprises pick on prepared people, the outcome gets kicked in the teeth. The surprise got surprised!!! Tuck that away in your brain: surprise the surprise! Prepared people are fighters; they choose not to be victims. So, are you a fighter or a victim. That’s gonna take some figurin’. Here’s a news flash: If you choose not to be a fighter, you will become a victim, sadly maybe a dead one. Prepared people are ready to react to unforeseen circumstances. Can you prepare for anything? No, not really, but you can make a big dent and increase your odds greatly of not becoming a victim. Of course, when you set yourself up as a victim (through neglect), you have given evil the opportunity to prevail. I choose not to be a victim, and I choose to prevail over evil. What do you choose?

Choose to Prevail

Well, hello. You must have chosen to be a prevailer, since you are reading on. Good for you. America needs you; she is lost without her fighters. If you have ever watched an old 1950’s Superman episode, Superman stated that he was fighting for “truth, justice, and the American way”. That’s our America. Let’s save her from neglect and destruction. No one is going to do it for us. We are America. We are her fighters. We the People will fight for “truth, justice, and the American way”. So, you are signing up for that, yes?

Okay, “We the People”, let’s get busy. You got stuff to get done. You are a fighter, and you are going to be prepared. Evil is not going to prevail, and you are! You are going to prepare, and you are going to stop and listen so as not to be surprised and be caught unaware. You will be ready to react with your retrained attitude of “I can” and will gather resources, which will help you and your family come through unannounced surprises. America cannot survive without her people taking responsibility for their country. It belongs to you, not evil. You are the keeper of America. She is counting on you!

What Could Surprise Us

What are the surprises that we should be preparing for? Nobody knows what will happen, but there is enough history to remind us that something surely will happen to a neglectful people. No nation can endure with negligent inhabitants. Past nations have fallen due to neglect and future ones will, as well. What will happen? You ask, what will hurt us and what harm can an outside force exert upon us? What will hurt us is no food, no water, and no money. Yeah, that would hurt! Yes, it would. How would the U.S. get to that point? Well, the U.S. is in great financial debt, maybe that volatile financial system will break. Our borders are open and lots of bad guys are walking across it daily. There are bad guys who are coming in legally, who are also able to do bad things at their choosing. Bad nations are getting nuclear weapons and aerospace capabilities. That’s a dangerous combination. The bad guy “computer geeks” are breaking into our weakened computer systems. A lot of things can be broken, since our nation is controlled by computers and the Internet. There are electric systems, water systems, financial systems, and mass databases that can be damaged. We give the bad guys free worldwide communications service via the Internet and social media. There is much opportunity and means for the bad guys to break things that will hurt us. A nation, whose people only have two weeks of sustenance on hand, are extremely weakened and vulnerable. We can live without money but not without food and water. It seems we are wide open for a big hurt, and the evil forces are inclined to hurt us.

Worst Case

Let’s now go worst case, the electric power goes off. That would really hurt us. How could that happen? A nuclear attack, a computer hack, or the local destruction of our power grid primary transformers. A nuclear attack causes an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), which destroys all electronics everywhere. They have already computer-hacked many systems worldwide. No system is impervious to malicious intruders. What all this means is that if the power goes down, “Houston, we have a problem.” Yes, it’s a very big and a long one– way more than two weeks. That’s all the food you got, right? What are you gonna do after that? How much water do you have? You have two weeks worth, for drinking, cooking, toilets, laundering, and bathing. That’s a lot of water needs, eh? Twenty-four water bottles is not gonna get it done. Of course, beyond the water issue, all of the food in your frig is lost. Oops!

There’s no power, as Schumer has hit the fan! With no preparations, panic is the next mode you will be in, guaranteed. You say, “No way”? Sorry, Yes, way! Panic ensues, due to no resources to help you react to the surprise. You have no mental training and no written plan to read and implement. Of course, you will be living around thousands of other Americans also with the “No way” plan in place, and they will all be in the same panic mode. Now, the mass population is in panic. Nothing good is happening and FEMA is not coming to rescue you. This will become the worst day of your life, and all will be downhill from there. Fortunately, you are now an “I can/Yes way” person. Schumer is still spewing out of the fan, but at least you, the fighter, have a chance, which is better than no chance, in my book.

The Work of a Fighter

So, what is a fighter supposed to do? Prepare your mind first. You have to transition from a follower to a leader. Leadership takes courage and perseverance. There is a big job ahead of you and the time to accomplish it is shortening. Train your mind to know trouble may be ahead; times may become very difficult, and sacrifices will be required. Any generation, preceding our times, had to fight and sacrifice to win. Some had to die, but our American heroes were never victims. If power goes out, you will have a plan in hand, made certain preparations, gathered resources, and trained yourself. Any war America ever fought required all of these things.

Your mind’s capacity to perform under stress will determine your ability to protect you and your family. You will need a plan of what you are preparing for, what will be needed, and who and when it will be implemented. Get some notebooks to put your planning notes in. Do not keep them in a computer that may not work in an emergency. Use the Internet as the resource to learn about the things your family needs.

Now, I must instill a little fear into you. Fear is good, if it gets you moving in the right direction. Fear should not paralyze you but rather guide you carefully to a better outcome. Fear can actually protect you, if it is under control. So, if you have enough warning about things that will drive you into deep fear, you can adjust your pre-planned response ahead of time. Your home basically has about two weeks’ supply of living stuff in it, right? Grocery stores will immediately be stripped. Remember, the terrorists have just knocked down the power grid. Consider these immediate issues thrust upon you:

  • Toilet paper is gone. Now what?
  • The toilet has no water to flush with. You know where that’s going.
  • Hygiene articles– toothpaste, soap, shampoo, mouthwash, et cetera, and tampons (a really big problem)– are not available.
  • Water is unavailable. There is no power, so no running water. Those 24 water bottles are gone. You need to flush, wash, cook, drink with what?
  • Refrigerator’s food all spoiled in a couple of days.
  • Medicine, such as those for your blood pressure, pain, et cetera, and also insulin and antibiotics, will run out with no drug store to go to.
  • Smokes get smoked. You won’t die but you will become instantly frantic when they are gone.
  • Alcohol, well, if you have a drinking issue this will rock your boat for sure.
  • First Aid is something you don’t really miss until it becomes necessary and there is none.
  • Baby needs– diapers, milk, baby food won’t be available at the story.
  • Environment concerns will hit with no heating or cooling.

That’s just the tip of the ice berg. These are the things you will immediately be confronted with when the power goes out. I hope your heart rate has just increased a few beats. It gets real scary real quick. If you have not prepared, you will be stricken with panic instantly, and the whole neighborhood will be in the same mode. A really big mess, indeed, has ensued.