Avalanche Lily’s Morning Dew: The Mark of the Beast Explained

Good Morning! Since high school, I have been aware that we’re living in the last days. Through the years I’ve been a watchwoman reading many prophetic articles and magazines. I’ve also been a news junkie watching world events, and Israel in particular. In doing this, I’ve continually sifted through the information, watched the times, and measured the progress of the One World Order, the Mark of the Beast, and Cashless society.

I’ve always wondered how and when it would happen. Nearly all of the world’s population has electricity and can go digital with the enabling technologies of wireless Internet, cell phones, and cell phone card readers. With our horrendous out-of-control National Debt, the slowing economy, and negative interest rates, I see clearly that we are right now on the cusp of going cashless. This would allow the ushering in of the Mark of the Beast. If you’ve been paying attention to the mainstream news and alternative new websites, there have been a whole slew of articles written in the last month which explore the coming cashless society and Mark of the Beast. The best of these that I’ve read is Ann Barnhardt’s article, that expounds on amongst other reasons why Satan wants us to receive the Mark.

I found her essay to be so incredibly insightful that I read it aloud to our children, since we’re currently studying economics using Richard Mayberry’s text Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?. Ann’s essay wonderfully dovetailed into these economics studies and our interest in Last Days events.

Here are some specific passages that she wrote that I wish to emphasize, which illustrates the truth of how the use of cash is a gift of God and facilitates man’s God–given freedom versus how a cashless society is the tool of Satan, which will be used to monitor, enslave, control, and force many to worship him. (Please take the time to read Ann’s entire article. I have quoted her extensively—pushing the limits of our Fair Use privilege–because she articulated so many important truths, which we need to remember and understand.)

Ann’s thoughts on our economic mess:

“This is an equation, (MV=PQ: money times velocity equals price times quantity) and thus it must ALWAYS, ALWAYS BALANCE.  This is mathematical reality. To deny it is to deny the very metaphysical foundations of the universe.  But, in today’s sick, depraved world, people have been contra-educated and indoctrinated to believe that even the laws of mathematics are non-rigid and malleable according to the whims of man.  But mathematics is a subset of reality, and reality is God, so to cross math is to spit at God Himself.  And God will not be mocked. Math always wins.”[Emphasis added}

We have already established that money itself is a fungible proxy for man’s capacity to labor, produce and create through time.  Let’s call that MAN’S EXISTENCE. We are created by God, and we exist through time.  We can labor, produce and create and be paid MONEY for our labor or production in time.  When we save money, we are saving up weeks, months and years of our life.  When we spend money, we are exchanging periods of time in our life for goods and services that we need (such as food, clothing and shelter) or want (like everything else). When we give money away in an act of charity, we are giving someone else a piece of our very life.”

“Do you realize what VELOCITY is? VELOCITY OF MONEY is nothing less than a manifestation of man’s God-given FREE WILL.   Velocity is a manifestation of man’s freedom to choose what he does with the fruits of his labor and creativity – his very existence through time. [Emphasis added] Does he spend?  Does he save? Does he invest? Does he tithe or give alms?”

Velocity speaks to the dignity of man in the sense that God created man with free will, and thus able to love – and even though we are talking about Monetary Theory, when you drill down on these concepts, where you always, always end up is at LOVE”

“In a cashless environment where all money and all transactions are electronic, the state can dictate HOW MUCH you can spend, and WHAT YOU CAN SPEND IT ON.  Oh, yes.  They fully intend to keep printing Money – the lion’s share of which winds up in their pockets – by CONTROLLING VELOCITY, WHICH MEANS CONTROLLING ALL SPENDING BY FORCE.”  

“Satan, the father of all lies, and the father of all of this, hiding in the shadows, would like nothing more than to pummel all of humanity into believing that they are nothing more than chattel who can only submit to him and serve his cult like dumb animals, and certainly never achieve that which he himself can never, ever have: the Beatific Vision.  Heaven.  God”[emphasis added]

These truths should be taught diligently to your children…memorized, in fact. The scriptures command us to get wisdom and get understanding! I highly recommend that you read Ann’s article in full to your older children. I also very highly recommend that from greater economic understanding that you read Richard Mayberry’s book Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?, also for ages 12 to adult. This book is a great introductory course in Austrian Economics, which is written in a very easy to understand manner. Once you’ve read this first book in his series, then I’m sure that you’ll want to read all of them.

Getting Ready

I don’t hold the Rapture View that God will take us out of here before a time of tribulation. I truly wish God would, but I expect we’ll be living through this time in history. Therefore, as believers in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, we know we absolutely cannot take the “chip/biometrics”. And so we must count the cost. We will not be able to buy or sell, hold a job, receive medical care, or perhaps even be allowed to retain our property—since we won’t be able to pay property tax without the mark. Therefore we must prepare accordingly: spiritually and physically. We must grow our own fruits and vegetables, raise our own meat, stock up on canned goods and other items that can be bartered. Jim’s favorite: ammo!

We need to develop friends and connections to barter with to help us survive. We must know first aid and have medical supplies, et cetera on hand, and be prepared for home birth, homeschooling, home doctoring, and emergency dentistry, home dairying, home apiaries, and practical home-based businesses with bartering potential. (Think in terms of items people want and need, other than arts and crafts.) We must know our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights so that we can know what freedom truly is and continue to fight for it. My fellow Americans: Redeem your education and memorize these important documents. Teach them diligently to your children. Most importantly, we must know God’s Word and His ways and trust in Him for our very lives. Ask Him for guidance every day, and He will show you His path for you. – Avalanche Lily