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New Gov’t Operation Denies Citizens Access to Guns & Gold – Not exactly new to SurvivalBlog readers but an interesting read nonetheless. – D.S.

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From SurvivalBlog reader J.N.:

A bit of reading required here, but well worth it. Much of it can be considered “Problem Two”– what to do AFTER your physical preps are in place.

Okay, you’ve already got the nine B’s– Berkey (i.e. water), beans, bullets, bandaids, batteries, bullion, books, barter, beliefs. Then it’s time to think about the tenth B– “buddies”. Lone wolves, no matter how well equipped, will get picked off early in the upcoming festivities.

  1. How to find people who think like you
  2. People who will be a threat to you
  3. Why you (a) should keep OPSEC and (b) MUST NOT keep all your preps in one obvious place

I admit I have not dispersed my preps as well as I should. Working on that. Your suggestions are cordially solicited.

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Another reason to get off social media: Facebook Monitors Your Private Messages for the Police. Of course if-you-have-nothing-to-hide-you-have-nothing-to-fear. Ja, und Arbeit Macht Frei, citizen. – Mr Natural

HJL notes: http://translate.google.com refused to translate this phrase; however, Wikipedia has a complete article on it.

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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Shelter Your Children From Guns – D.S.

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Ukraine grid hack – Unprecedented attack shows how vulnerable all power grids are. – T.Z.