Letter Re: Why I Started Prepping, by KB


We, as a country, have run our financial cycle; reference KB’s timely article. I have one addition: the reference to $19 plus trillion is for funded U.S. debt. In addition, folks, there is over $200 trillion in unfunded debt, which the current POTUS has added almost 50% to that portion since his time on the golf course. We are led to believe that $19 trillion is the true bottom line total debt number. Like Mark Twain once said, “Politicians like diapers should be changed often…and for the same reason”. I have only heard Trump and Carson address the true numbers. God help us, we can no longer even pay the interest on the 19 trillion. The unfunded portion, 200 plus trillion, is the hand grenade that keeps being kicked down the road by both parties. Check out the real time National debt clock to verify for yourself and your own education how we are being taken for the long ride over the financial cliff. So do your own research, our 2-party system is both corrupt and scheming for even more power; do not give up your freedoms. After all, that is what they work for, not us. – John in Nv