Letter: Long Question About Eotech Lawsuit

James and Hugh,
A while back I was reading The Reluctant Partisan from John Mosby. One of the suggestions was getting an optic on your AR or battle rifle. (The whole book is really good info from someone who was special forces, so I respect what the guy was saying!)

Long story short, I went out and picked up a Eotech for my AR and another one with magnifier for the PS90 carbine, well because the FN sight on the PS90 is a joke. so yeah I have about $2000 tied up in optics on my two weapon systems.

Just after getting the second one sighted in, I started reading reports online about Eotech getting in trouble over selling out of spec sights with problems. They are offering refunds for them. I’ve been sitting on my hands since I found this online the end of 2015, so now I’m wondering if I should hurry up and get an RMA and dump them, or keep them and hope for the best? I’m kind of thinking that at some point the company is going to stop refunding money and close up shop.

I’ve never had issues with them; they seem to work fine, but it seems to me I don’t know if I can trust a company that knowingly, according to the lawsuits from the FBI, sold scopes they know wouldn’t hold a zero at temperature changes. Granted, since my stuff– both optics– were sold in 2015, they “might” be fine. (The company never came out and said what models were a problem from what I’ve seen online, so there is a lot of panic, and accusations on the Internet.) But what I’m worried about is say this company goes under, and later I have an issue. What then?

There isn’t a whole lot I can do aside from dump them on an RMA back to the company and wait a few months for my money back or sell them at a loss since most people won’t want them. Should I keep them and hope for the best, while having BUIS? I’ve yet to be let down by them as I’ve said before (and I had believed they were quality sights), so I’m not sure I want to be out a few grand, and/or waiting for a refund or be let down because the product isn’t what it claimed to be. I haven’t seen anything about this (and I might have missed it on your blog), but I figure it’s worth asking about if Eotech owners (fellow preppers) don’t know about it yet. Have you guys discussed this yet? What’s your take? – Fitzy in PA

JWR Replies: Here is the short answer to a long question: As long as they are offering a refund, then take it. It is noteworthy that EoTech is just one division of a much larger defense contractor (L3 Technologies), so they can afford to make good on their warranty promises. I really doubt that the company will go under leaving any warranty claims unpaid.

You might throw a used $60 Bushnell red dot scope on each of your guns, in the interim. (Then save those, to keep as spares after you’ve bought proper replacements with the warranty reimbursement funds.)

FWIW, I’m still a fan of an ACOG for use without a NVD, or the Aimpoint Micro T-2 for use with an in-line NVD without a reticle, such as the AN/PVS-14. The Aimpoint Micro T-2 will run continuously for five years (at low brightness, for use with an NVD) on just one battery.