Notes for Friday – September 18, 2015

The 18th of September is Chilean Independence Day. On this day, in 1810, Chile declared independence from Spain. o o o Have you ever wondered how you will siphon gas from all the dead cars on the road if TEOTWAWKI occurs to fill your tank with all of the modern anti-siphon, anti-spill devices on them? Or have you ever wished you could just get a gallon or two from your car for your lawnmower? Ready Made Resources has the answer. The Gas Tapper is a read-to-go siphoning system that will defeat most anti-siphon devices and comes in a vapor-proof container …

Giving Directions in a Crisis Situation, by J.R.

So you’re the resident prepper in your neighborhood. Maybe your neighbors know, or maybe they don’t. You’ve run through all the scenarios you can think of and have it all planned out. You and your kin are ready to get out of Dodge, and you all know the where’s, how’s, and why’s. In each “what-if” scenario, are you taking the best route to avoid people? Yup, that’s probably wise. You know the safe ways to get from here to there. No matter how it will play out, you can’t avoid people for the rest of your post-TEOTWAWKI life. You are …

Letter Re: Vehicle Fences

Hugh, Just a comment on cutting metal (including cables). A hacksaw takes a long time and will be obvious to many people. I have found when needing to cut hardened steel or thick metal too big for bolt cutters to use a metal cutting wheel on a battery operated tool like the 18 V Dewalt Grinder. It is fast and effortless. It does throw alot of sparks, so beware of your environment and maybe throw a wet towel or blanket down. Also, the blades are fragile and can break if twisted, so keep some spares with your kit. – S.T.

Economics and Investing:

OPSEC about gold from Dilbert – G.G. o o o If the world can no longer expand, will it implode? – T.A. o o o “Two hundred or four hundred dollar silver! Outrageous! Yes, of course, when we think in terms of today’s dollars, euros, and yen. But what if current deflationary forces overwhelm markets and currencies, debts are defaulted, and central banks panic. Rather than accept crushing deflation, they massively “print” to boost asset prices and thereby create a huge inflation. Instead of dollars and euros, we soon have mini-dollars and mini-euros.” Outrageous Silver Speculation o o o Federal …

Odds ‘n Sods:

DIY survival watch for about $20 – P.S. o o o Military exercise that sparked fears in Texas of ‘hostile government takeover’ ends – JBG o o o What’s in a refugee’s bag? – P.S. o o o I normally try to stay out of politics, but this exchange profiled on Bill Whittle’s Trifecta is refreshing. If only all politics were like this! – MtH o o o Acetic acid, found in vinegar, shown to be effective against bacteria found in burn wounds – A.D.