Letter Re: Cold Steel Voyager-JWR Edition

Hugh and Capt. Rawles,

I’ve been following SB.com for about three years now after reading How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It. That book and others opened me up to the insanity surrounding us, and I suddenly felt sadly under-prepared.

Since then I’ve trolled the web, bookstores, and gun shows for tools to help me protect my family. My enthusiasm can probably be attributed to wanting to ensure my two little girls never have to suffer through the times depicted in Jim’s works of fiction. I have held out, for the most part, from purchasing any item that is endorsed or otherwise marketed by “person A” or “organization B”, as I’ve found that many of those items are single-use tools.

A knife, however, has many uses, and I can be accused of being a collector of bladed implements. So I decided to add the Voyager to my collection. I have only one good, solid blade with me on the ship, so a backup seemed logical. Being on deployment, the speed at which it would arrive was a bit of a question for me. I was very impressed by the speed at which it arrived to my hands on the ship, less than two weeks.

As for the knife itself; it’s simple, solid, and a whole lotta blade for the buck. While showing it off to the other guys in my unit, one of them suffered a small cut from closing the blade. That’s how sharp it ships from Cold Steel. I personally enjoy how you can get a comfortable grip close to the hinge point or down by the pommel. It is a little large as folders go; however, should you need this guy, size probably will not be a big concern.

All-in-all, it’s a great piece to add to your kit, and I’m already quite glad to have it out here as one of my many tools should things go badly. – F.M.