Notes for Thursday – May 28, 2015

Michael Z. Williamson (SurvivalBlog’s Editor At Large) has had his latest science fiction novel released by Baen Books. This one is titled A Long Time Until Now. It is a time travel tale, with an interesting twist. SurvivalBlog readers should find it of particular interest, because the protagonists are thrust into an extremely austere environment with NO infrastructure, so they need to almost entirely improvise their sustenance and defenses. So this is both an exciting read, and it’s educational. Great reading! – JWR o o o The World’s Unraveling: Are You Ready? Don’t forget Safecastle’s Mountain House Food Sale with …

Becoming A Warrior At Gunsite Academy, by J.H.

I had dreams of becoming an armed warrior at a very young age. My father and my uncle put a .22 rifle in my hands after I joined the Boy Scouts, and they asked that I go with them through the woods along the Cahaba River in Shelby County, Alabama. They cared less about sports and preferred that I learn how to survive in a non-urban/non-suburban environment. I believe they were interested in passing along family history as much as anything else. They told me how my ancestors, mainly my great-grandfathers, survived as warriors when they fought in the American …

Letter: Nickels Strategy

JWR/HJL, Here’s a nickel accumulation strategy that might be useful to SB readers building their piles. Instead of asking the bank teller for loose rolls, I have switched to $100 boxes. I get no eye-rolls from the tellers; they just walk to the vault and pick up a box. Boxes are not especially durable, but a few wraps of duct or strapping tape take care of that. Our local banks may be friendlier than some, but I have never been charged a fee for loose rolls or boxes. – AAA/Another Army Aviator

Economics and Investing:

Venezuela’s Currency Collapsing as U.S. Companies Announce They Will Only Accept U.S. Dollars. – JBG o o o The Stress Index indicated a bottom in the gold and silver markets in March of 2015. – GC o o o Items from Mr. Econocobas: China Blows Its Debt Bubble Bigger Yuan Now Most-Used in Asia for Payments to China, Swift Says Bloomberg, China and $64,000 Gold Greece Risk Timeline — Why July 20 Matters Most – Interesting data

Odds ‘n Sods:

Krayton Kerns: Lessons of the Dirt Pile. – Avalanche Lily o o o An interview with JWR on SGT Report was just posted dealing with the impending collapse of the U.S. economy and the treason within our own government which has led to the fast-tracking of the secretive TPP. o o o Mike Williamson, SurvivalBlog’s Editor At Large, presented us with this fascinating look from a historians perspective at “natural” diets. o o o Remember, this is with plenty of food, and open gas stations. – T.P. 56 shot, 12 killed in violent Memorial Day weekend in Chicago 28 people …