Letter Re: Your Thoughts on Jade Helm

Mr. Rawles, I was wondering if you could comment on the Jade Helm issue that is all over the Internet. Is this for real? Should we be concerned on what may happen? I would like to hear your opinion. Thanks. – C.F. HJL Responds: JWR will respond more in depth on this issue when he is finished with his current research for his new novel. In the mean time, I’ll answer some of your questions. There is no doubt that the training is intended for the implementation of martial law. However, I do not believe that federal government will just …

News From The American Redoubt:

SurvivalBlog Reader W.W. has informed us that there is an annual fun shoot near Orofino, ID. This year, the Boomer Shoot will be held on May 1st through 3rd. Hope you will be able to attend this year. o o o Jury Convicts Oregon Farmer of Killing Men, Feeding to Pigs. – T.P. o o o Physician-Senator Continues Push to Make Oregon a Medical Police State. – D.S. o o o OREGON SHERIFFS Tell Gun Grabbers To Shove It. – B.B. o o o 2 missing sisters visiting family in Michigan found after nearly 2 weeks. – R.F.

Economics and Investing:

Rock-Paper-Silver o o o Preparing For The Next Market Collapse. – H.L. o o o Items from Mr. Econocobas: Fitch Downgrades Japan, Joins Moody’s in Warning on Fiscal Policy How this Debt-Addicted World Could Go the Way of the Mayans How a World Awash in Debt Devalues Your Money and Quality of Life Greeks Add Pressure on Tsipras to Compromise as Talks Resume

Odds ‘n Sods:

Baltimore Mayor Admits Rioting Crowd was Allowed “Space” to Destroy Property Baltimore police and Freddie Gray rioters turn city into ‘absolute war zone’. – B.B. o o o Visualization – 50 years of crime. – P.S. o o o US Police Departments Using “Spy Rocks” to Spy on Citizens Now (Yes. That’s right. Spy rocks.). – D.S. o o o How only 3% of our population controls 80% of what you view. America’s aggressive homosexual agenda – T.P. o o o 2nd state resisting militarization of cops. – H.L.

Scot’s Product Review: MagnetoSpeed V3 Ballistic Chronograph

One of the most basic needs for all living creatures is the ability to defend themselves. When there are bad times and problems in our society, it is essential to own and be able to use weapons for self-defense. The situation could be a regional disaster, like Hurricane Katrina, or it could be the worst of times, such as a Carrington or EMP event. In either case, there are wicked people who will take advantage of those who are weak. Even if you can avoid evil people, there are predators to be dispatched and game to be gathered for the …

Pat Cascio’s Product Review: CRKT Hunt ‘n Fisch Knife

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of hearing about people dying from cancer. We’ve all been touched by this deadly disease; we all know someone who has passed away after a fight with cancer. We keep hearing encouraging reports that “they” are close to finding a cure for cancer, but there are so many different types of cancer that I wonder if we’ll ever get a leg up on it. Still, we all continue to hope and pray. Just last week, my oldest daughter lost one of her German Shepherds to cancer. It was a fast-moving …

Recipe of the Week: Chewy’s Augmented Mac ‘n Cheese, by D.D.

Carbs are easy to store, but mixing them with protein and flavors make mealtime more than another item on the daily task list. This recipe is named after our dog-shaped vacuum cleaner that went crazy when I prepared this and enjoyed the “accidental” dropping of ingredients on the floor. Ingredients: 8oz ground beef 1/2 onion, chopped 1 foil packet of mushroom gravy mix 1/2 cup of milk 1 box of macaroni and cheese Directions Boil the macaroni noodles in a pot of water until soft; lightly drain and transfer to a holding bowl. In the same pot, toss in the …

Letter Re: Largest Bank’s War on Cash

I note that under Chase’s new rules, cash cannot be used to make a payment on a loan account. So payments on debt have to come through a deposit account. The Internal Revenue Service regards all deposits to deposit accounts as income. You have to offer proof that a given deposit is a transfer of funds from income previously recorded or proceeds from a loan to have the deposit excluded from income. Undocumented, it is known as phantom income to small business owners, as they are forced to pay tax on deposits they cannot prove to be from non-income sources. …

Odds ‘n Sods:

Battlefield America: The War on the American People – H.L. o o o Supreme Court: Police can’t hold suspects without probable cause, to wait for drug-sniffing dog. – RBS o o o Princeton study as a warning to Europe: US is no longer a democracy. – L.J. This is a German site, English translation available on Google. o o o Video: Can US agencies balance security and the Constitution? o o o DIM WIT? St. Louis Police chief calls for the law-abiding to leave their guns at home. “We got cameras” he says.. – T.P.

Street Combat – This Ain’t No Game! – Part 5a of 9, by Pat Cascio

[Street Combat – This Ain’t No Game is a SurvivalBlog exclusive.] Chapter Three – GUNS & KNIVES When we get into the topic of guns and knives, it holds a special place in my heart. I have carried a handgun since I was 18 years old and some sort of pocket knife even longer. Deadly weapons don’t necessarily have to be used in the way they are generally intended for them to make an impact. Sometimes, the mere presence of one of these deadly implements is enough to stop an attack. The following is a true story. I know, I …