Letter Re: Your Thoughts on Jade Helm

Mr. Rawles,

I was wondering if you could comment on the Jade Helm issue that is all over the Internet. Is this for real? Should we be concerned on what may happen? I would like to hear your opinion. Thanks. – C.F.

HJL Responds: JWR will respond more in depth on this issue when he is finished with his current research for his new novel. In the mean time, I’ll answer some of your questions. There is no doubt that the training is intended for the implementation of martial law. However, I do not believe that federal government will just decide to start rounding Christians or patriots up, as many fear. Anytime the military starts a training program with a specific goal in mind, there is an automatic expiration date on the training of about two to three years. Much longer than that and the training must be repeated because of personnel rollover and other changes within the structure as well as just staying “fresh” on tactics. That should indicate to us that the government is either looking at a long-term training program (unlikely) or that they expect the problem to come to fruition in the short term. All one has to do is look around you to realize just how fragile our society is right now. Everything from racial tensions to fears of economic collapse are pushing our society to the very edge of civility. While you may or may not agree with the military’s position, it is evident that the state governments are not prepared or willing to deal with the issues as they arise. Right now, Baltimore is a prime example of this. Imagine if you will, the collapse of the U.S. dollar and the chaos that it would bring. It would be like Baltimore on a grand scale across the country. Even the federal government and the U.S. military would soon be overwhelmed. Of course, this is why you prepare and why, as part of those preps, you either don’t live in densely populated areas or are planing on moving from those areas soon, right?