Letter Re: Strike Anywhere Matches


A couple of years ago I went through the process of trying to find reliable strike-anywhere matches as Odds-n-Sods on Monday. As the writer in the linked article at http://kissurvival.com/strike-anywhere-matches/ I rejected the Diamond Green Tip (absolute trash!) and Redbird. I considered the Penley brand that he finally recommends, but after reading reviews on Amazon and other sites decided to look for something better.

After some research, I settled on the excellent strike-anywhere matches made by UCO– the same people who make splendid stormproof matches. I could not find a local retailer for the strike-anywhere, but you can buy direct from the manufacturer here:


They will readily ignite when plucked by a thumbnail or scratched on a zipper. I now have an ammo can full of them.

That being said, even the best matches are a miserable substitute for good disposable lighters. I have several dozen of the BIC brand in storage. From experience, I recommend only genuine BIC brand lighters. Cheaper disposable lighters have flints made of pressed flint powder, which disintegrate over time and revert to powder form, rendering the lighter essentially useless. I have not had this problem with genuine BIC lighters up to ten years old. Cordially – J.N.

Warning: JWR reminds us that matches in bulk should never be stored in ammo cans or in glass jars, for fear of creating an unintentional bomb. Tupperware (and other commercial equivalents) are the best place to store matches!