Odds ‘n Sods:

Woman Puts Gun in Her Mouth in New Brady Campaign Video. – T.J.

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Technocracy Rising – T.P.

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SurvivalBlog reader C.F. writes in to say: “Here is a topic that we all need to be aware of in packing our field kits. Some years back, regulations completely cut off the supply of Strike Anywhere matches. Then, after a few months, they were back on the store shelves… or so we thought.

The fact is, the new ones barely function unless struck on the box! Everyone who is packing survival kits for a rainy day needs to be sure to not depend on Strike Anywhere matches! The days of lighting them on a rock, or sandpaper, or your zipper, or flicking a flame with your thumbnail, are all but gone. Good luck if your life depends on it. Might as well buy safety matches, and eliminate the false sense of security. Pardon my dullness, but I just figured it out. (I have been enthralled with non-match options for the last 20 years.)”

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‘Role players’ solicited for emergency-prep drill. – D.S.

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For the Amateur Radio Operators among us, SurvivalBlog reader RBS sent in this link: SolarHam

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