Letter Re: My Personal Alexandria, Now Less Flammable!, by ASC

Good Morning Hugh

ASC’s article on the E-readers is spot on. I’ve been using e-readers in various forms for some time now, and I’ve incorporated them into my jourmey of getting ready for whatever may be on the horizon. If I may I’d like to add a few additional points that may be of help when using an E-reader as part of a preparedness plan.

  1. As JWR has said many times, “Two is one and one is none.” Words to live by. In regards to an E-reader, I encourage those who rely on these devices to accumulate more than one and if possible one that allows the owner to have a mirror image of all the documents on both. Just because one buys a book in one format, does not mean that the same book can be read on another E-reader without purchasing the same book again so it can be read on the second device. Having a second (or third) device offers the owner the security of knowing the information on a device is safely stored in a Faraday cage at all times. A rotation schedule allows for each E-reader to be updated and current.
  2. One of the best sites for free books and available in many different formats is the Gutenberg Project https://www.gutenberg.org/. It has over 46,000 books and publications at no charge (most are out of print and the copyrights have expired, but the site has all of the older classics and ffers books written about subjects that are no longer considered “current”; it’s valuable information for someone who’s prepping). It also offers audio books and DVDs.
  3. The one Achilles heel would be battery life and access to it. The earlier Nooks had a field replaceable battery, but finding one was originally problematic. (Eventually, Barnes & Noble began to offer replacements in their stores, although I’m uncertain if they still have any, it was not an off-the-shelf battery.) The other E-readers, to my knowledge, have internal and not user serviceable batteries. Any input on this would be appreciated.

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to store a library of information in a form that weighs less than a pound, ASC’s given you the answer. Blessings – T.J.