Letter Re: I-594


The dots to connect include the fact that almost all of this was financed by Microsoft fortunes. There’s the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s donations to the legislation. They’re also known activists for universal population control and vaccination. The past chairman of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, and his wife gave a million or so to the anti-gun campaign. He bought the LA Clippers basketball team for a couple of billion dollars. Another heavy donor was Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft and good friend of Bill Gates. Paul Allen is also the owner of the Seattle Seahawks NFL team, which, as a letter said, is the only NFL team that donates 100% of its (political donation) money to Democrat candidates, and as we’ve seen, certainly to Democrat party causes. The anti-gun propaganda was bought and paid for by these powerful billionaires. Billionaires buy and control our politics. Only the super rich can afford to do this; small individual donors are shut out. We are coming to a stage in our history where we are reverting to the Feudal system. There are those who own it all, and we peasants are to be controlled and turned into lackeys and servants. Some of us know who our enemies are. They are the new rich who despise us and mean to conquer us, and they’re doing it. Hunker down, bunker down, and be prepared for the horrors to come. They’ve already been bought and paid for. – SHO