Letter Re: Heritage Foundation


I keep forgetting how powerful the heritage foundation is when it comes to the war of ideas. This article rocked!

I’ve been having the usual sorts of discussions with (I hate to say it) family, friends, and coworkers about Islam and how we should react, given the rise of jihad inside of formerly Christian nations like Denmark and France. Most of them take these as isolated incidents to be handled by cops. Some take them to mean it’s time for more social programs. One older gentleman went so far as to say we should pay them off, just like we have been doing with our own underclass (though he used terms no longer considered polite when referring to minorities with dark skin color).

My point to them is that Islam, by its very nature, is a threat to all of our collective western heritage, let alone freedoms and peace. They just don’t get it without the historical context provided in this article. To find we have been fighting this same group of murderous bastards from before any of the usual apologists’ excuses is a shocker to them. (I first found this article in 2009 and have been using it since then.) There was no oil, no colonialism, and in fact zero history between us at the founding, and yet war was thrust upon us just for being Christians and white. – H.D.