Two Letters Re: Caring for Babies in a Post-Collapse World


Instead of stocking baby food in jars, I have the Kidco Food Mill. This neat item allows baby to “eat what we eat”. While little baby food jars are good for barter, if I had one or more babies show up at my front door, I would want the food mill. Life would get easier and less stressful right away. – C.G.

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Dear Survival Blog:

FC makes some great points in his article on caring for babies in a post-collapse world. We raised our 11 babies and spent very little on baby food because we had a small hand-powered baby food mill that we used to grind up our meals to feed the infant. Anyone preparing to deal with babies in an extended crisis would do well to have one on hand. They are readily available through online retailers; just search for “baby food grinder” or “baby food mill”. (Obviously all the rules about introducing new foods one at a time initially still apply.) – EF