Tyranny 101, by M.T. – Part 2

In Part 1, I shared some of the history of tyranny and some of the acts of the well-organized conspirators against liberty, here in America and around the world. However, there is more that should concern us and much to do in preparation.

There are other reasons to prepare wisely in a God, guns, and grub reality.

Our open society is totally reliant on vulnerable technology. Consider the electrical grid, the water supply, trucking, computers, the Internet, and our food supply in general. All these, as well as many more key categories, are extremely vulnerable to mechanical malfunction, human error, weather, or the malicious intent of evil men.

Imagine if the Internet was attacked or shut down, which Obama has made clear would happen when terrorists strike the U.S. He’s stated that stopping their use of Internet communications would validate shutting it all down, even though the net effect on business would be unimaginable and more devastating than virtually any single attack on our nation, outside of nuclear, though I think that’s debatable. A prudent person would take this to heart and prepare wisely to deal with the potential devastation that any one of these failures would trigger.

There is so much more damning information, both hard and circumstantial. You will know them by their fruit! (Are you paying attention today?) There is also much more to consider in preparing for the coming showdown they will provoke. I highly recommend these websites to stay current on events, to prepare for the coming chaos, and to exercise the mind:

  • Survivalblog.com,
  • Thetreeofliberty.com, and
  • Drudge.

Beware the trolls.

What can you do in your sphere of influence? Only you know your abilities and your contacts; beyond that, let me suggest a basic framework to consider.

  1. Educate others, as many as possible, as soon as possible. Post and repost this article in every way possible. Make hard copies of the links and others that soundly make the tyranny case. They will have value educating the uninformed when they wonder why United Nations forces are deployed in our nation killing Christians and Constitutionalists, or as aptly why UN soldiers are dying in the streets.
  2. Prepare wisely. We are living in the “God, guns, ‘n grub”, or “beans, bullets, and Band-Aids”, or “food, friends, and fortresses” stage of survival. (God is my fortress, whom shall I fear?) Yes, I’m a clinger.

    Consider the supply and demand fallout we are experiencing with the attack on the Second Amendment. Gun and ammo prices shot up and supply was exhausted in days, and resupply was not forth coming. The same will happen to food, and we know an Army runs on its stomach, so stock your pantry, deep and wide, and think of charity. Guns and ammo will be attainable; the food is most vital. DO THIS NOW. “Just in time delivery” with food is a major weakness, if it is not being delivered.

  3. Network with understanding, concerned Patriots, and urge them to prepare in depth. When the counter-revolution begins, we must unite from the ground up. We are not likely to see a national leader rise up anytime soon, as he’d be removed. It will likely fall upon local veterans and the informed, prepared civilians to be discerning in leadership and action.
  4. Be sure to have communication systems, short and long range. Our best ally is this Internet, and they know it. Use it now, and print out pertinent information.
  5. Get right with God. I would be remiss if I did not mention the signs of the times. The following link, being the work of man, is not infallible, yet it is a starting point to consider in relation to Bible prophecy research. I’m a post-tribulation thinker, which mandates wise preparedness beyond but not above faith and trust in God. Take some time, and research end time prophecy; the Internet is exploding, as the prophecies within the pages of the Bible are overlapping with current events in an undeniable way. It’s easy to get right with God. It’s free, and it’s about your heart and mind in unison. John 3:16 We wait with our lights shining brightly so that others may see (with lots of batteries wisely in reserve).

Here’s an analogy and challenge.

In conclusion, I leave you with this accurate analogy. Imagine that we had come together to worship our God, Jesus, many years ago in our house. First, there was but ten of us; then there were 20 and then 50. We decided we would buy some ground and build a church, and we did. The church grew to around a 150 and was vibrant. Over the next few years we grew to …say… 450 people. Many of the newer folks became elders and office workers, gaining positions of power and influence. Then we had our annual church business meeting, and 350 folks showed up. Out of nowhere, someone stood up and made a motion to worship Satan. Low and behold, the new folks in the church voted overwhelmingly in support. Now, those who had built the church on the rock of Jesus are out-voted by those who, over time, had infiltrated their church. Do they relinquish their church to an obvious attack by satanists, or do they fight them to retain the integrity of their church, based on Jesus?

This is our plight today! I am committed to fighting the evil that has infiltrated our society, as a whole. I hope and pray you are as well.

Molon Labe! God bless, come Lord Jesus.

My Background

In 2003 at the start of the war I was thrust into the political fray when a protest machine began protesting on the street in front of my business, due to the high traffic count. I then owned a hobby shop. As a patriotic Air Force brat, I was taken back at the time and organized a thirteen-week series of pro-American rallies every Saturday. At the end, we had over 2,000 folks showing up weekly, and we had multiple 40×60 flags flying from cranes. The location was an interstate intersection, so lots of folks passing by were treated to some great patriotic flag waving. This started my journey.

I wish I knew then what I know now. I never would have been the flag waving, Bush supporting, useful idiot. I say that after seeing the effect of these two wars, the Patriot Act, and wide open borders as well as ten years of research that led to my gaining a full understanding of the effort to usher in this new world order. I was naïve back then. I was the typical person– working, being responsible for my family, and uninvolved politically.

Along this new path I found myself on, I had a run in with Cindy Sheehan on the local university campus. She was the keynote speaker at a three-day conference on how to be an activist. It was an eye-opening experience. She was screaming, “It is your duty to undermine the Bush administration” over and over. The crowd was very hostile toward me, which precipitated a police escort from the premises, for my own protection.

I then met up with Bill Ayers, as he was a university guest in residence the local “Liberal Residential Learning Centers”. He spoke there four nights in a row, while he ate, drank and studied (brainwashed) with the students/kids. This occurred at one of 500 LRLC’s in the U.S. Leftist parents send their children to these centers to indoctrinate them and then set them up in a variety of positions upon graduation, which in my opinion is a form of child abuse. Think Cloward Pivens overwhelming the system. Imagine the battalion of leftists that graduate and move into positions to undermine America via this avenue. It is measured in the tens of thousands every year. It’s no wonder we are losing this war for the hearts and minds of our youth. This group is very involved in trolling the net.

I was arrested on the last night of Ayers’ lecture series titled “The New Activist”. I showed him what the new activist was– a right wing, pro freedom, Bible-wielding Constitutionalist. He did not accept the Bible I had for him, nor does it appear he gave his comrade– Obama– the copy of Atlas Shrugged that I provided for him.

This meeting with Ayers provoked me to learn as much about him as possible. This education changed my life, and I found myself on a mission from God. I mean this with my whole heart. I saw the evil that resides in this man, and I recognized the danger that his relationship with Obama posed for America. You know, I’m referring to the relationship that neither would admit to, yet is thoroughly documented.

I spent $15,000 and untold hours trying to wake up the population and to create a regional movement. I was told my efforts had a lot to do with Ayers’ early retirement as well as his being denied Emeritus status; this information came from an editor of the News Gazette– a paper that will no longer print my letters to the editor. I’ve also been banned from the local talk radio station, as I put lots of pressure on my state university by exposing their Marxist professors, including one who was recently a guest on RT– Russia Today. This banning falls in line with the NDAA 2013, propagandizing the airwaves. By excluding the voices of truth, their outright lies have a better chance of succeeding. It’s shades of Alinsky as well. I have been ridiculed and marginalized all along this journey. I see it all as a badge of honor.

Most people are clueless, when it comes to the out and out controls that the left have on education. Ayers’ life-long career in education has been to undermine the nation and foment revolution. Up until recently, he was the Vice President of Curriculum Studies of the AERA– the American Education Research Association. In other words, a violent revolutionary, atheist, communist, bomber, FBI “most wanted”, murderer, political pedophile, and creator of the Ayer Heads throughout education held the highest position in curriculum in the largest education organization of its kind, in the United States. He was overseeing curriculum from Pre-K to Post Graduate studies. He is highly esteemed by his peers– the Ayer Heads. This should make a critical thinker cringe and scream. The leftists just laugh and snicker. As Ayers’ stated, “Education is the motor force of revolution.” He has spent his life and his career undermining our nation on our dime, as do so many.

Ayers was instrumental in organizing the Gaza Flotilla and was in Egypt days before it erupted. In fact the very name of the Egyptian revolt was “Day of Rage” and stolen from the Weather Undergrounds “Days of Rage” during the sixties. Is this a wink wink or what? I could go on about what I have learned that pertains to our future. Maybe I will, if given the forum in the future, but for now this should paint a partial picture of where I come from.

By the way, the Muslim Brotherhood started their infiltration in education at a university campus back in the sixties. It’s beyond me; why would any informed person donate a dime to any university today?

I make no literary claims, but what I do write is true. These days, that makes it priceless. I know a lot about Ayers, the subversion of education, and the new world order, as well as preparedness. Time is truly running out. FYI, I am very much a “come Lord Jesus man”. God bless your efforts to educate others and prepare wisely. It’s the order of the day. We’re living in the midst of undeniable treason of the highest order.