Notes for Monday – January 12, 2015

The SurvivalBlog techs have hit a few snags with the production of the 2014 Archive DVD. While painful to fix, they are not insurmountable, but the Archive will be delayed until February 15th. o o o Ready Made Resources is offering SurvivalBlog readers a special deal on the Yeti 1250. In addition to the standard 30 watt panels, two more 100 watt panels along with the necessary cabling are included along with the shipping for only $1849.00

Guest Article: Is Your First Aid Kit Complete? by Dr. T., DMD

Traditionally, survival medical advice has sounded something like this: “Have a medical first aid kit and make sure your dental work is up to date.” This is very good advice. However, I believe the advice should instead be, “Make sure your medical and dental needs are up to date and you have a comprehensive first aid kit.” No comprehensive first aid kit is complete without critical, dental medicaments and instruments. What happens when there is a dental need without a dentist or a functioning dental office anywhere around? Is your first aid kit complete with the necessary materials for such …

Scot’s Product Review: Federal Ammunition

I have always had good results with Federal ammunition, in handguns, rifles, and shotguns. It is what I carry in my primary self-defense pistol, and it’s what resides in my home defense shotgun. I’m torn between one of their loads and a competitor’s for the AR platform. Federal offers a pretty complete line; while it doesn’t satisfy every niche of my needs, it gets most of them and does so with reliable, high quality, and consistent products. They have some lines that I think should be of interest to SurvivalBlog readers, for self-defense, hunting, and training. Federal American Eagle Fresh …

Recipe of the Week: Beef Stroganoff, by L.H.

So it’s not terribly healthy, but it’s easy, hearty, filling, and delicious– wonderful winter fare. I had tried many a stroganoff recipe before the family decided this was the one, many a year ago. I like to serve it with some sort of winter salad for a complete meal. Ingredients: 1 – 1 1/2 lbs. ground beef (ground chuck, if affordable) 1 can (10.5 oz.) cream of mushroom soup 8 oz. beef broth, made with 2 beef bouillon cubes 1 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce 4 green onions, diced 2 Tbsp. sour cream 16 oz. pasta noodles (curly noodles), cooked according to …

Letter Re: Idaho

Hello, This is intended for Jonathan Rawles. Thank you for that article. I’ve been a reader since 2007. I’ve lost my income and am loosing my home here in Montana. It is a “mix bag” in Montana with liberals everywhere. Also, this area of Montana– Lincoln County– will be a target. I am also well known to be a survivalist around here, and it might be best if I was not so well known. Because of your fine article, I will be looking at those areas mentioned. Thank you.

Economics and Investing:

Healthcare for Illegals Pushes CA Budget Billions Over Inflation. – RBS o o o Reality Is Now Setting In For America… It Was All Based On Lies & Ignorance. – RBS o o o Nordic countries lead shift into cashless society. – H.L. o o o Gas as economic weapon. How OPEC weaponized against American drillers… G.P. o o o Could ISIS Attack Saudi Oil?

Odds ‘n Sods:

France Considers Deploying Army to Protect Jewish Sites While European Jews Seek Gun Permits. – JBG o o o KY Police officer accidentally shoots himself – Security Video. T.P. Hugh adds: It may have been a cop in this video, but the circumstances are not unique. The amount of carelessness displayed with a loaded weapon is just appalling. This video should be used as a training video. o o o SWAT Team Demolishes Home To Arrest Man For DUI, Family Left Homeless. – RBS o o o States That Get The Most Federal Money: 24/7 Wall St.. – H.L.