Letter Re: Response to “A .308 Pistol?”


Most of the comments below the linked article ridiculed the idea of rifle-caliber pistols in general by stating that they pose the risk of over penetration indoors and cannot be carried concealed, and thus they serve no purpose other than as range toys for preppers and militia-types. To the contrary, these are essentially SBR’s without stocks or any of the paperwork and tax stamps associated with them. Rifle-caliber pistols are not meant to be fired as enormous handguns with both hands on the pistol grip, as some have alleged. They are simply intended to circumvent SBR legalities, or to provide a platform for building a legal SBR, if the buyer wishes to go that route. I’ve carried a rifle-caliber pistol on numerous occasions, and they can actually be quite practical for certain applications. The author already mentioned the usefulness of these weapons within the confines of a vehicle, and that is true. I personally appreciate the rifle-caliber pistol for outdoor use when I want the energy, capacity, and longer-range of a semi-automatic rifle without a long barrel to maneuver while walking through dense woods, climbing rocks and trees, spelunking, kayaking (stowing the firearm inside a hatch), occupying a tent or natural shelter, et cetera. The compactness of these firearms also allows the user to easily tuck them away momentarily in the case of other people unexpectedly showing up on the trail or at your campsite. In order to really be practical, these types of firearms require a sling, a good flash-hider, and either some way to achieve a cheek weld or a sighting laser– preferably both. I use a standard two-point sling, which helps to stabilize the pistol just like a rifle. The Smith Enterprises Vortex Flash Eliminator reduces the flash from rifle-caliber pistols to almost nothing regardless of the cartridge being fired. Quality light/laser combos, such as the Streamlight TLR-2 or TLR-4, allow for consistent shot placement without a cheek weld, but using the iron sights with a cheek weld will still be necessary in most daylight conditions. Night sights are also a good stealthy option, but I already consider those to be essential for all firearms. Most M4 pistols have a buffer tube for establishing a cheek weld, and many readily accommodate lasers with their rails. I have fired my 5.56 NATO M4 pistol out to 100-150 yards with shots grouping 4”-6”. AK pistols may not be as simple to outfit, but there are some options available. The PTR PDW, as shown in the article, with folding “wrist brace”, provides a solid cheek weld and would make an excellent survival weapon for highly-mobile individuals who spend much time being active in the outdoors. -MM