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Privacy will not exist in 10 years, Pew survey of tech experts says. One will need to make concerted effort to not be tracked, such as driving an older vehicle with no GPS in it, using an OLD flip phone, or removing a modern phone battery except when using it, using CASH to purchase things, live off the grid as much as possible, et cetera. Still, with National ID coming, there is no place to really go in the USA. – H.L.

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A follow on to Monday’s post about a Sheriff’s Deputy in Washington stating that their new MRAP was for “constitutionalists”. Video: Americans Stand Up To Militarized Takeover. – K.

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An editor from The Economist magazine discovered SurvivalBlog and read one of my novels. He then did his newbie best to describe them, albeit with his statist British tongue thrust firmly into his cheek.

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A .308 Pistol? Somehow I find their utility dubious. For the sake of compactness when traveling in a car I might consider owning one of .223 (HK93) pistol variants from the same company, with a Century arm brace. (But even that would have tremendous muzzle flash and muzzle blast.) – JWR

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US Families Prepare For ‘Modern Day Apocalypse’. – G.G.

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