Letter Re: Free Word Processing Program


Thank you for posting RBS’s link for the free WP program. We also use Libre Office, but even more, we have completely abandoned MS in favor of Linux. A fair amount of my work involves keeping our real estate website updated, which we use Kompozer photos for which we use a free program called GIMP, maps and more, and have gone completely down the open-source route. Linux has just released Linux Mint 17.1, which is, IMHO, by far the finest Operating System out there– even better than Apple’s. It’s not for everyone, but I encourage anyone who is looking to remove themselves from the software slavery of MS or Apple to consider Linux. It’s as easy to use as Windows, is much more customizable for those who like to do that, requires no anti-virus or anti-malware programs, and doesn’t crash.

We have found it to be one more opportunity to remove ourselves from the debt and money slavery society. – A.L.