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It’s not strictly survival related, but an inspiring story nonetheless: This tribute was almost lost to the ravages of time but even in its less than HD format it bears striking witness to what one man can do even when they are given less than a fair shot at life. – RBS

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Homeless woman’s stun gun spurs 2nd Amendment case. – G.P.

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Footage shows elderly man attacked with his own oxygen supply and carjacked by protesters in Ferguson as a third night of protests take place nationwide. – T.P.

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From the “Say What?!” annals: US student gets mugged at gunpoint then writes incredible piece saying he deserved it. The brainwashing is obviously complete. – T.P.

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If you don’t want to give your hard earned money to MS or others, here is a free word processing program. It is very easy to use and employs many if not all of the features of expensive WP programs. All you have to do is download it. It works great. – RBS

HJL adds: Because a for-profit organization (Oracle) that has a history of “unfriendliness” to open source software actually owns the rights to the software, I use a spinoff: LibreOffice. For those interested, there are several articles on the net comparing the two. Both come from the same codebase and are very similar.

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Don’t forget the Black Friday sales of SurvivalBlog advertisers JRH Enterprises, Ready Made Resources, and Safecastle. All three companies have great deals going on right now. It’s a great time to grab that field gear you’ve been thinking about, or stock up on the freeze-dried food!

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