Seven Survival Tips for the Modern Feminist, by J.

Hello, my name is J, and I’m a recovering feminist. Sure, that may sound like a joke, but I am being completely honest and forthright when making that statement.

In this article, I will explain my background and rational for this topic of choice as well as clearly spell out seven survival tips for the die-hard feminist. These tips can be put into action right now. It is my hope that at least one die-hard feminist will read this article and consider prudently preparing for the unexpected now.

You may ask yourself, what the heck does feminism have to do with survival? Why would you even choose this topic? Well, face it; there are massive numbers of feminists in our society, and they are not going away. If the SHTF, what are they going to do? Their whole world view will be destroyed in a matter of months, days, or perhaps worse– even seconds. Their entire purpose and professional existence, as they know it, will be useless. Does this give you cause for alarm? It does me, because I know it will be those exact women who turn into raging lunatics without an ounce of common sense to keep them centered in times of trouble. They need to be warned now, and they need to consider opening their minds and hearts to the truth. Only the wise will foresee what is to come and take action. Those feminists who continue to live numbed-out will most likely suffer beyond what can only be imagined, as unbearable emotional and physical pain.

If you were wondering, yes, I am still “recovering”. What am I recovering from? Well, mostly I’m recovering from the natural consequences of living my young adult, professional life as a feminist. I bought into most of the lies propagated by the feminist-ideologue-machine of our society. Being properly raised up in public schools and liberal universities, I was well educated on the subject. For example, I adopt the belief that a woman can truly do anything a man can do; this includes fighting and winning America’s wars. Sure, women are smart and capable human beings, but by no means were they designed to be warriors! Although American women in the last several decades have willingly murdered their young (over 50 million now), let’s be honest, women were not designed to physically protect themselves or their families by lethal force. Radical feminists would like you to believe otherwise, and they are more than willing to send daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers to the front line of combat to kill and be killed. After all, we are created equal, right?

Before you start feeling offended, take note that this particular aspect of the radical feminist agenda has been one of the biggest scams of our generation. Encouraging women to step into a warrior footprint has and will continue to damage marriages, children, and society at large. How is that? Well, it’s simple; who is going to fill the role of nurturer, homemaker, and supportive wife/mother? When women are taken away from their natural roles and placed into male professions, there is no replacement for their absence in their natural gifting. A hole is left that no village can fix. Sure, schools do their part to raise our kids, and men have stepped up to the plate doing laundry, dishes, and so forth. However, in the end, when you were a kid and you scraped your knee or you were hungry, who did you seek for comfort, who did you hope was in the kitchen making your favorite dinner each night? If your mom wasn’t there, you can’t say deep down you didn’t wish it would have been your mom holding you or cooking for you, instead of your teacher/lunch-lady/babysitter or even your dad. Moms bring peace to a home when they are present in their innate roles. You can’t replicate or replace this natural phenomenon.

About Me

I was raised in the 70’s and 80’s by loving parents who simply acted as best they could with what they knew. I remember being told, “You can be whoever you want to be, and you can do whatever you want to do in this world.” So, that meant I could choose any profession, even if it was a profession mainly occupied by men. This led me into the active duty military. Today, I suffer from my choice to “Be All You Can Be”. I sustained permanent injuries from military service. Not to go into boring details, but these were not combat injuries; they were just the simple wear and tear that goes along with hard parachute landings, 15 mile road marches, and simply hauling gear well beyond my spine’s capacity to bear. Despite suffering, I loved my time in the military, mostly for the relational aspect of unit cohesiveness and serving my country.

That being said, if we are honest with one another, it is clear that women are not suitable for the majority of male professions that require harsh physical conditions. Women are NOT designed to run, fight, and haul combat weight at the same effectiveness level of men. Sure, there are the unusually unique women (perhaps genetically) who can hang with the guys. However, in general, women are simply not equipped physically like men!

Believing and living out the typical feminist lifestyle, I also suffer deep emotional injuries. At my lowest, I had zero respect for marriage or motherhood whatsoever, and I would be so ashamed to write that, if it were not for the grace of God. Actually, without God’s mercy, perhaps I wouldn’t be here to write this today, as I was clearly on a path of self-destruction. Regardless, I am certain that if I had not seen the Light, I would still be living out a feminist life, in utter darkness on a direct path of loss and loneliness.

Why Feminists Need To Hear This

All that being said, why would any true feminist take the time to read this? I’m not sure, but it is my hope that at least one will. Turning one feminist into a Recovering Feminist would be a huge success and reason enough for me to share my testimony.

If the world turns upside down as predicted by wise men and we end up truly having to fend for ourselves, at some point a die-hard feminist will have two choices– change or fall prey. The better choice, for survival purposes alone, is for her to turn from her ways and accept her natural role as a woman. Granted, this will not be easy. Otherwise, I believe the die-hard feminist will continue in her prideful, selfish, destructive ways and fall prey to the first person who eventually overpowers her. This sounds incredibly harsh, but if I were to be upfront about the entire purpose of this article it would be to say this. I believe wholeheartedly that this scenario will become the reality for die-hard feminists if the SHTF.

I am making these suggestions now, because we still have time to change. Of course there is no guarantee, and if things turn bad quickly in this country, these preparation tips may be too late, depending on your situation. Let’s hope otherwise and prudently take action now. So without delay, here are my recommendations.

Seven Tips for the Die-Hard Feminist

Possible Scenario

Before we go dark, martial law is enacted, and the transportation and commerce system we are so accustomed to reaches a stand-still…

  1. Give up and ask for forgiveness.

    There comes a time when you need to admit to the facts. We have taken women so far from their natural roles that they cannot imagine life outside the box. Working full time, aborting babies, pursuing married men, and living like male bachelors takes its toll on the heart, sometimes creating the coldest places in the soul. The first and most important tip I can give you is that you won’t get anywhere as a die-hard feminist in terms of survival if you continue acting or thinking the way that you do. You will not have the support network, media, or societal crutch to continue living out your feminist ideology in the crisis scenario. You will not be able to boss men around, humiliate them, disrespect, or falsely accuse them any longer. It simply will not be an option for you. You will not be able to file a discrimination complaint, in other words. There will be no women’s rights left.

  2. Start reprogramming now.

    (I do not receive any financial benefit from sharing the following:)

    1. Internet. While we still have access to the Internet, here are a couple of noteworthy sites to help you start re-programming your mind and heart now.
    2. Books. Get your hands on these books and study them carefully:
      1. The Bible. It’s a great little book on the source of truth and femininity.
      2. Anything by Suzanne Venker or Phyllis Schlafly
      3. Practicing Affirmation by Sam Crabtree
  3. Take the time now to accept the grace of change.

    While you have time now, accept this truth with grace. It took me an entire year to accept that I was wrong in my belief system and to slowly turn from my ways. I can’t imagine someone being able to change on the spot or, worse, being forced to accept this truth out of necessity for survival. Personally, I am still changing and accepting responsibility for what I have done wrong. Even my internal processing of information was faulty and misguided, so it has been a slow process of change. That being said, if the time comes when we are forced to adapt and all women simply need to accept things the way they are, they will obviously not have the luxury I did to take the time to accept this change with grace. In that scenario, although it sounds painful, God’s grace is sufficient!

  4. Practice being a woman.

    Here are a few simple ideas:

    Think about someone besides yourself. Programming in the feminist world teaches us to have self-confidence above all, to value our own needs first, and to seek happiness vs contentment. One of the best ways to practice being a woman is to first think of others and then consider your needs. It is amazing how your perspective will change. I spent so many years focusing on myself that unfortunately the habit rears its ugly head daily. However, I am at my best and truly the most content when I act on and consider the needs of others first, before myself. Try it! Trust me. It will open up a whole new world for you.

    For married women:

    Cook your spouse’s favorite meal and clean up afterward without expecting a thing. Or make yourself available to him without prompting.

    Tell your husband that you respect him. You heard me; say it out loud! Actually say these words often. Personally, I know how difficult it is to simply utter those words, but they are powerfully healing in a marriage that has suffered from destructive feminist ideology.

    I could go on with suggestions, but this is a personal issue of practicing being a natural woman without bitterness or hatred towards men, children, or the role of womanhood.

  5. Say you are sorry now, as it may not be received well later. (Enough said.)
  6. Stop suppressing your natural cycle.

    In times of trouble, you will not be able to escape your femininity with a pill every day. God gave the female body natural cycles for a reason. By suppressing these, or numbing out with SSRIs, we have altered our natural state physiologically. Do yourself a favor and stop taking birth control, anti-anxiety, or any other unnecessary pharmaceuticals now, and find natural alternatives if possible. This tip actually may not be a choice for you in the event of a disaster, for many medications may not be available or accessible, which is even more incentive to stop. There are many natural ways to manage hormones and even anxiety. Seek out a common sense Naturopathic doc or herbalist for help. If you are addicted to pharmaceutical medications, perhaps these resources may be helpful. (Again, I am not affiliated with these, nor do I benefit from sharing them or offer any guarantees.):

  7. Ask for help.

    Find someone you know who is NOT a feminist, and ask her for help. I would bet, if she has a tender heart, she will be more than happy to graciously assist in your recovery from feminism. Additionally, I would love to hear from anyone looking for help in leaving the feminist ideology behind for good. I would love to support you. Feel free to email me xxx (Editor’s Note: SurvivalBlog’s policy is to not post reader’s personal email addresses. for the protection of the author, requests for contact must be sent through SurvivalBlog. No hate mail will be forwarded to the author.) On that note, now that I’ve given out my personal email, die-hard feminists who can’t see this article as an act of love, PLEASE spare me your hate mail. I am familiar with how radical feminists work– they first do hate…unlike the doctor’s promise to first do no harm. It won’t do you any good to attack me. I’m radical about my conversion from feminism, and I will NEVER go back! Sure, I slip up sometimes, just like any addict, but I’m completely sold on the grace and mercy I have been extended and I am content in the truth now!


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  1. I noticed that the website
    has drastically changed.

    The one below takes you to a faq list that might be a better link. Again, I am not a doctor. I have no license or training to offer medical advice. Do your own due diligence but know that many people are finding relief in alternative approaches. A very close friend was able to wean off of years of anti-depressants with a strict (Naturopath directed) regimen of herbal and essential oils. Safety is paramount when using any alternative approach.

    Peace to you!

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