Four Letters Re: How to Survive Without Glasses


In response to Wednesday’s response: There are much better options out there for new or backup glasses than waiting for a “two pairs for $99” coupon or local deal. Online providers like and have good quality frames (many name brand) and their standard polycarbonate lenses are light years ahead of the basic plastic lenses in terms of durability. Both offer the option to “try before you buy”. Recently I was able to get a new pair of glasses from Coastal for less than $45, shipped (no tax in my state) by using an online code. Their standard deal is 1 for $49 or 2 for $99, shipped. You will need to provide your current prescription details of course. – J.S

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Mention to your readers to research the Bates Method. This guy in the 1800’s suggested that eyes can be re-taught to work correctly. One of his followers, Quackenbush, also has a book on Bates with the whole gamut of eye correction methods. – C.V.

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For those of us that wear glasses, having at least one pair of Adlens glasses in your kit is, in my opinion, essential. – E.G.

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These adjustable glasses are supposedly available in third-world countries. They refuse to sell them in the U.S. It couldn’t be too hard to make them.

Google saline-filled adjustable glasses, or something like that. This will bring lots of hits and news stories about how great they are, and they only cost $1 each, but I’ve made lots of calls and emails, as these would be hugely valuable in a survival situation. They’d be a barter item literally worth their weight in silver, maybe even in gold.