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Living Off Grid – Does It Cost More? . – H.L.

I’m not sure this is a fair comparison. The author admits that it is difficult to compare the two, but I believe it goes deeper than the issues he lists. You also have to compare the stability of your power as well as long-term maintenance costs. It is my current understanding that living off the power grid with solar is really only cost effective when the commercial utility power would have to be brought in at great expense. However, there is something to be said for “peace of mind”.

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Several SurvivalBlog readers wrote in to inform us that the firearm accessory noticed in the video yesterday (at 11:48) was the new H&K M320.

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Monday morning, SurvivalBlog reader D.F. watched a commercial by former Navy Seal Dom Raso. It was powerful and emotional, and it is sure to be controversial, both for the subject matter and because of the sponsor.

Surely this brave former Seal knows that he will pay a price for making this commercial. The things he says will anger some powerful political people who will unleash a massive campaign to destroy his credibility and his ability to earn a living. They will try to destroy him.

They have done it to others who dared to challenge them, and you have seen it happen.

You may not agree with or even like the sponsor, but if you agree with what Dom says, please share it with others.

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7 Lessons from Ferguson. – J.W.

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We’ve posted similar links before, but it bears repeating: Are Expired Medications OK to Take?. – G.G.