Letter Re: Pre- and Post-SHTF Vehicle Operations and Preparation


Thanks to C.C.K. for the great article on convoys. It’s great to hear from the voice of experience. One item I have not seen addressed in the various SurvivalBlog submittals on post-SHTF convoys is ideas on responding to vehicles who might want to join your convoy. I suspect that a well-equipped and organized convoy is going to be fairly easy to pick out for many people. Similar to signing up to join the old wagon trains across the west, because there is an experienced guide (you hope) and safety in numbers, in many scenarios there are likely going to be other vehicles that want to join your SHTF convoy. How do you respond to Honda Accord with a family of four clearly following your convoy for 5, 10, 20 miles down the road? How do you respond when you must stop to refuel and that Accord parks behind your last vehicle and someone exits the car and approaches your group? What do you do if that family of four appears to be decent honest folks and they ask to join your convoy for as long as your pathways intersect? What do you do if you tell them they can’t join your convoy but they continue to follow you anyway? At this stage in my preps, I personally have a destination to bug out to but no like-minded group of people to travel with. So, if the balloon goes up and any of you all see a well-equipped, all-wheel drive Toyota Sienna mini-van cautiously approaching your convoy, please keep the firearms on safe until we have a chance to talk. – SB