Letter Re: Confiscation of Stored Foods


Thanks for your comments to my “letter”.

I have another thought that I would like for you to address. Many of us have practiced good OPSEC, while others have not. Even those that have done a good job likely have a breech somewhere– a friend they were trying to “get on board” or family members that “talk too much”, et cetera.

What might any of us that feel there is a breech of whatever magnitude do to “patch” the hole?

Hugh Replies: Most of us are in a similar situation. You must be careful to maintain a high moral standard as your word is all important. Without that, you basically have nothing. Simply put, lying is not an option for anyone with good morals. Our faith in the LORD demands nothing less.

With that said, statistics are on your side. Most people who claim to prep are actually “armchair generals”. They really have not prepped or at least not to the extent that they have said they do. Unless people have seen your preps, there is doubt as to whether they exist or not. Should TSHTF and mass starvation begin, if you lose weight right along with everyone else, you will probably not be suspected. If everyone else is dropping 20 pounds and you remain your current weight, you will arouse suspicion. However, desperate people are known to do desperate things. The bottom line is that the security breach has to be stopped. If you haven’t already done so, stop talking about the preps now, except for those in your trusted circle. Be aware that moving to another location may be your best (or only) option.