Economics and Investing:

Professor Laurence Kotlikoff: $200 Trillion in Long Term Obligations and Fed is Printing 29 Cents of Every Dollar

G.G. flagged this bellwether event: Chinese Yuan Surpasses Euro, Becomes Second Most Used Currency In Trade Finance

After the recent looting spree in Cordoba, Argentina: “Cleanup on Aisle Three.” [JWR’s Comments: People will come unglued and start looting when the police go out on strike, or otherwise don’t show up for work. Count on it. Oh, and by the way, store owners will have to Go Full Koreatown, and gun up, or lose everything.]

Items from The Economatrix:

Too Big To Fail Banks Are Taking Over As Number Of U.S. Banks Falls To All-Time Record Low

Why The U.S. Economy Should Be Scared Of The Amazon Drone