Notes from JWR:

December 19th is the birthday of physicist Albert A. Michelson (Born 1852, died May 9, 1931), the first American to be awarded a Nobel Prize in science, for measuring the speed of light. (Along with Mr. Morley.) FWIW, I’m related to Michelson, by marriage. By way of my great aunt Zelpha (Rawles) Michelson. — Today we present another entry for Round 50 of the SurvivalBlog non-fiction writing contest. The $9,400+ worth of prizes for this round include: First Prize: A.) Gunsite Academy Three Day Course Certificate, good for any one, two, or three course. (A $1,195 value.) B.) A course …

Anderson Powerpoles: The Legos of DC Electronics, by Dan in Alaska

To say that I’m a neophyte in the electrical world, or as we say here in Alaska a “Cheechako”, is making a big understatement.  So, a couple years back my co-worker and friend got me into Amateur Radio, also affectedly known as Ham Radio.  I studied my ARRL Technician book and passed my test, but it just barely rattled what I had in my head 20 years ago from my only electronics class I had back in High School where we studied Ohm’s law, identified a resistor, and made a strobe light.  So, I’m on a big learning curve.  I …

Letter Re: Marksmanship

Sir: That was an excellent article from Josh B. on Marksmanship. But as Gary D. pointed out, following those principles under stress can be a challenge. I thought I’d recommend a few stress inducers that I practice, which have improved my shooting skills. Before I begin, I’d like to note that I’m an US Army Infantry veteran. That should not imply that I am an expert. In fact, the more I practice and learn about shooting, the more I’ve come to realize how little I learned back then. Yes, the taught me the fundamentals, but I’ve since realized there is …

Economics and Investing:

K.A.F. sent a link to some fascinating maps: America’s Wealth Is Staggeringly Concentrated in the Northeast Corridor. (But take a look at the Bakken region of eastern North Dakota.) Reader Tim R. suggested this article: Gun Stocks Soar, Gun Control ‘Dead as an Issue’ Pierre M. sent: North America to Drown in Oil as Mexico Ends Monopoly Items from The Economatrix: Proposal On Capitol Hill Would Nearly Double Federal Gas Tax The Economy: What’s Ahead In 2014 Improving Economy: Is It For Real?

Odds ‘n Sods:

Eric Peters on Bug Out Vehicles. (Thanks to OSOM for the link.)    o o o Video: Former mayors discover membership in Bloomberg’s anti-gun group was kiss of death.    o o o R.B.S. sent: The Most Corrupt County In America (Dave Hodges)    o o o Chris M. sent: Google Acquires Boston Dynamics. (After all, what is Skynet without the hardware “to go with.”)    o o o B.B. suggested: Gun control: ‘What if we say no?’ – National Conservative