Jim’s Quote of the Day:

“When I was a boy aged 10, no older
My father took enemy fire to the shoulder
He lay in his tent for a week till he 
finally succumbed

From that day forth I was a permanent soldier
I’ve killed many men on the southern border
We fight for the day California leaves us alone

We’ve been taxed for no good reason
and then we said, “No” and then they cried “treason!”
We’re merely defending the life and the land that we love

We learned our lesson from Captain Jack
That once you kill you can’t go back
And once you rebel then either you win or you die

We saw Red Dawn
We will fight on
They double-crossed us
They won’t outfox us

Our fathers taught us young 
how to aim and shoot a gun
and we will not leave these mountains 
without a hail of lead around us

We are the Jefferson Army

We’ve got water and wood and weed
And all they’ve got is insatiable greed
We’re tired of vampires sucking the blood of the land

So we drew a line right across the state
From Tahoe out to Bodega Bay
We’ll march to the capitol and burn that dream house down”

– Lyrics to Jefferson Army, by Mother Hips