Notes from JWR:

Camping Survival has started a Mountain House storage food sale which runs from December 2nd to December 8th. They are offering 25% off cases of #10 cans, 25% off cases of retort pouches and 15% off buckets. The sale is for full cases only.  They are only selling stock on hand, but they bought a substantial quantity in advance. So rather than backordering anything, it will all ship right out to customers.  Meanwhile, Ready Made Resources is running a similar pre-Christmas sale on Mountain House foods until the 13th of December with 25% to 42% off, free shipping, and on request they are willing to mix and match varieties in six-can cases with the varieties that they have on hand.

Today is the birthday of LLNL Physicist Emeritus and Rawles family friend Milo D. Nordyke. Milo is a physicist, linguist, and pianist. He is also a world traveler and an all-around nice guy. He has long advocated the peaceful uses of nuclear weapons (such as Project Plowshare.) For example, he suggested the use of a nuke to stop the BP deep sea oil spill, in 2010. He is a former Director of LLNL’s Center for Studies of Security, Energy and Arms Control. Milo is also a former mayor of my hometown, Livermore, California.

Today we present a guest article on satellite phone technology. But first, a review by Pat Cascio, and a book review: