Three Letters Re: Hand Wood Splitting Tools

Here’s a wood splitter that I’ve been using for years.  The Woodwiz Splitter is easy to using and safe way of splitting wood and it’s made in the United States.
Respectfully, – Tim McC.


In my experience, over several decades of processing hardwoods for fuel in the lake country of mid-Ontario Canada, I found no maul which can out split the venerable “chopper 1”.   With or without operational springs on the wedge face, these axes, usually marketed with a tough composite handle in Canada would be my candidate to recommend as the “American made splitting tool of choice”!  I notice on eBay there are several listings.

Another thought regarding a company whose products I use and respect is Norwood sawmills. (“Quality-built in the USA and Canada”). I own and use their steel handled cant hook, their ATV log skidding arch and their tree-felling jack. I work my own wood bush on my own.  The items I mention are intended to be appropriate to your readership, meet your criterion and provide value of service.

Additionally, I would be remiss not to mention the Crosscut Saw Company.  This is for the chainsaw adverse,  the purist, the “quiet minded”, or the fuel deprived. They are located in Seneca Falls, N.Y.
Regards, – Lee of the North

Another great source for American made wood cutting tools is Snow & Nealley Company in Bangor, Maine. I’ve used one of their splitting mauls for many years. The quality is unparalleled. They know a few things about logging tools in Maine. Regards, – Granite Guy from Vermont