Notes from JWR:

Wow! The benefit Redoubt silver coin auction for Orange Jeep Dad in the aftermath of his traumatic house fire brought a high bid of $1,709! My sincere thanks for everyone’s generous bids. Since the bidding was so strong, I threw in a lot of bonus items, plus an hour of free consulting.

Today we present a guest article by Dr. Philip J. Goscienski. I’m sure that this article will be controversial, because there are two sharply divided camps in American prepperdom regarding vaccines. The continuing threat of vaccine contamination and the strange side effects (which are sometimes sudden) and anaphylactic reactions are of concern. And despite the repudiation of Wakefield’s research, the autism correlation debate is continuing, including some troubling data in a peer-reviewed journal on links to aluminum. (But of course correlation does not necessarily mean causation.) Contamination with mercury, squalene, SV40, and unintended live strains have been cited by opponents. You would think that vaccine purity and safety would be paramount, but even a proposed ban on mercury in vaccines was controversial. Furthermore, the widespread suppression of information is also a concern to me.

Because my family lives a largely isolated life at a remote ranch, we decided to forego all immunizations except for tetanus. For us, as skeptics, the risks of contamination outweigh the benefits. (But your mileage may vary.) I strongly recommend that SurvivalBlog readers fully research this subject so that they can make an informed decision for their own families.