Notes from JWR:

Last day! The benefit Redoubt silver coin auction for Orange Jeep Dad in the aftermath of his traumatic house fire ends today at 2:58 PM PST. ( Monday, November 4, 2013.) You can be assured that 100% of the gross proceeds will go to OJD’s family. The auction ends at 2:58 PM PST on Monday, November 4, 2013. Thanks, folks, for your very generous bids for this worthy cause. Note: Once the bidding got up above $1,200, I decided to also include three autographed books and two of the SurvivalBlog Archive DVDs as bonuses for the winning bidder.

UPDATE! Monday (PM): Once the bidding so generously advanced above $1,500, (far above the spot value of the 20 ounces of silver), I decided to also add a few more bonus items and goodies to the auction lot: a Cold Steel knives “Never Unarmed” DVD set, a subdued Bennington Flag embroidered patch, five original Zimbabwean $50 Trillion bills, a SurvivalBlog fridge magnet, and 10 ounces of BU Stagecoach silver bars, in a mint-sealed 10-pack sheet, made by Northwest Territorial Mint. These ingots are specially incised to allow them to be divisible into 1/4-ounce pieces, if need be, for barter purposes. This addition brings the silver in the lot up to 30 Troy ounces. Thanks again for your generous bids to help OJD’s family! Those bonuses are not mentioned in the auction listing page, but the winning bidder will receive them in the same box as the Redoubt coins. I am also now shipping the box fully insured, at no extra charge.

I noticed that we’ve now archived more than 3,000 SurvivalBlog Quotes of The Day. Thanks for sending so many great quotes, folks!

November 4th is the birthday of Medal of Honor recipient John Basilone. He was born in 1916, in Buffalo, New York. The tale behind his medal illustrates that he truly was an American hero.