Letter Re: The Blackout Docudrama

First of all: The creators are in the "Hollywood way" so they live there, their friends are all there, They are not going to go build a bunker, they are already working on their next project about an Alien invasion or something like that.  So from my perspective, they did pretty good over all considering the source.

Over acting, oh yeah.  I have seen some pretty tense situations and there are many men who show no emotion at all.  they are deep in their thinking and in this video, we have simply lucked out that all the characters are highly emotional, extremely chatty and have extra batteries.  My wife pointed out, that if some one were able to video 10 days without power, they might be the extra dramatic segment of the population. Video recording obsessed. So I give them a break on that as well.

This is a great video for education,and if you consider it as a discussion tool, its priceless. 
Watch a short segment, stop the video and talk.  Ask questions like: What did this person do right?, what did they do wrong?  What if this happened to you tomorrow?, what do you think you would do?, where do you think you would be if this happened?, what items around you do you think you could use to solve a problem?  How could they have avoided the situation? Did they really need to put themselves in danger?  What motivated them to make that mistake?  Contrary to popular belief, there are right and wrong answers to these questions.

I give this video a big thumbs up, as others have stated.  Its better than nothing, I am actually surprised it made it to television at all and not straight to the obscurity section of Netflix.  – Brad S.