Orange Jeep Dad’s House Fire Tragedy: How You Can Help

Many SurvivalBlog readers are familiar with the Orange Jeep Dad (OJD) blog. It is a great blog written by an X-ray technician prepper with a wife and six daughters. For more than two years, he’s been earnestly striving to live self-sufficiently. Two days ago, he posted about the tragedy of his house burning down. And today, he posted a follow-up. As I mentioned before, I doubt that his renter’s insurance will cover all of their losses, especially for things like storage food and ammo.

In a recent e-mail, OJD mentioned these details:

“For now, I for sure lost my Glock 27 and old double barrel side-by-side hammerless. Hadn’t verified the age yet. It was not one of the $1,000 type. More like $250. My thousands of rounds of ammo in every caliber is gone.

My wife’s .38 Special revolver survived in our safe as did our certificates and licenses. Our bullion silver seems to have made it although I have to pry it out of the melted plastic to see for sure. (It was not in the safe.)

All of our #10 cans of freeze dried food preps are gone (dehydrated strawberries, blueberries, banana chips, powdered eggs, apple cubes, butter buds, meat substitute. But all the stuff we had in mylar bags that I had just suspended from garage rafters after the rats go into it survived since it wasn’t in the house. (Yay!)

We lost all appliances including a Wondermill wheat grinder ,and two large griddles.( I haven’t found the dutch ovens in the ashes yet to see if they are salvageable.) There was also a Bosch universal mixer, spools of paracord, Jack Lalane juicer, meat grinder, Presto (62 quart?) pressure canner, dozens of mason jars and lids/gaskets, BlendTech blender, Macbook, Dell laptop, Dell desktop, several thumb drives, all of my knives! all my medical kits (IV start kids, Coban, creams, quik clot,  dozens of lidocaine bottles, too much to list really. It was a collection of years of discards from working at the hospitals. I could have patched up a village with the stuff I had established.)

My 12 gauge and .22 rifle made it [through the fire intact] in a gun safe.”

You can send donations via PayPal to:

A snail mail address where tangible donations can be sent is:

Orange Jeep Dad
2532 N. Fourth St. #230
Flagstaff,  Arizona 86004-3712

In addition to survival and kitchen gear, I’m sure that toys suitable for girls would also be appreciated. For instance, a Breyer toy horse might cheer someone up…)

To save on postage, I recommend using Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes.

Note: Anyone who does not have a PayPal account can send checks or money orders to that same address, payable to “Orange Jeep Dad.”.)

For my own part, in addition to replacing his melted Glock magazines and sending a big box of assorted books, I am auctioning a full tube of 20 American Redoubt Silver -1-ounce coins on eBay, with 100% of the gross proceeds going to OJD’s family.

Even if you can’t afford to help, please pray for OJD and his family! – JWR