Notes from JWR:

October 24th is the anniversary of the firing squad execution of Norwegian traitor Vidkun Quisling, in 1945. His ignominious place in history was to have his surname become a noun. “Quisling” is now a moniker synonymous with treason and alliance with an invading army. Something tells me that the popularity of bestowing “Vidkun” as a boys’ name in Scandinavia dropped precipitously after about 1942. Ditto for “Adolf”, in Germany, and “Benito”, in Italy, certainly by 1944. — Today we present another entry for Round 49 of the SurvivalBlog non-fiction writing contest. The prizes for this round include: First Prize: A.) …

Thoughts on Socks, by Clarence A.

Extra Socks should be in your bug out bag your hunting pack and any other pack or bag you store outdoor gear or survival gear.  Now let me explain.  Your feet are super important to your safety and well-being. You’re healthy and fit. You take good care of yourself for Survival reasons.  But are you prepared to lose the ability to walk, run or move quickly without responding to pain caused by infection.  Soldiers in all recent recorded conflicts complained about their feet.  Cold and fungus cripple them.  OK, so you have a great pair of boots.  I get it …

Letter Re: Constructing In-House Caches

JWR, I hope all is well. I Was reading the reply to the post on “Constructing In-House Caches.” I have been thinking on this one lately and working on solutions to the problem of attachment, actually came across the solution while working for a contractor on a client’s high end project and trying to build false panels to hide a security control panel. The solution we came up with was rare earth magnets found here or elsewhere on the net as well. you can google it! If you have plywood paneling you can attach the magnets with a screw to …

Economics and Investing:

Steve in Georgia liked this commentary from Bill Freeza, at Forbes: The International Monetary Fund Lays The Groundwork For Global Wealth Confiscation. Steve says: “This reminds me of the taxes levied in the movie Popeye.” AmEx (American Expat) suggested this state-by-state data: How Will You Fare in the Obamacare Exchanges? Marc Faber: Fed could up QE to $1 trillion a month Items from The Economatrix: The Carlyle Group’s Latest Investment… Trailer Parks Hospitals cut thousands of jobs

Odds ‘n Sods:

After Westgate, Interpol Chief Ponders ‘Armed Citizenry’    o o o H.L. sent: Yet Another Privacy Service Has Shut Down to Avoid the Feds    o o o Who hired the Law Enforcement Snipers at Keene Pumpkin Fest 2013? (Thanks to R.B.S. for the link.)    o o o G.G. suggested: Here’s the Gear Meteorologist Jim Cantore Takes Into the Storm