Letter Re: The Blackout Docudrama

Good Morning, Mr. Rawles:

After watching part of last night’s Blackout Docudrama on National Geographic. I turned the television off in total disgust and went to bed.  What insidious propaganda! 

I could not help but notice that the “prepper” father was a gun toting, autocratic bully who bossed everyone and refused to act humanely by sharing all his wealth with those less fortunate or less willing to be responsible for themselves?  How interesting.

And of course, the compassionate one was the young and hip boyfriend of the prepper’s daughter.  He hadn’t prepared himself but he was more than happy to live off of someone else’s largess.  He was also more than happy to be judge and jury as to how someone else’s preps should be treated. 

And the young woman, who was attacked and most probably raped and/or killed, “deserved” it because she was a wealthy “princess” who lived in a penthouse.  She was portrayed as stupid and totally un-connected to the real world in which most of us live.  Also interesting was the portrayal of her rich boyfriend who believed he was entitled to whatever resources were available as he tried “throwing his money around.”

And of course, we were all going to be saved by the government as our fearless leader gravely assured us.  I’m amazed I got half way through the program!  Here was an excellent opportunity to impress upon the average citizen that they need to be ready for bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances.  Instead we got the “PC” version of who the good guys are and who the bad guys are.  I think I’ll just stick to SurvivalBlog.

Thanks for all you do! – Getting Ready in N.C.