Odds ‘n Sods:

Ol’ Remus reports: On the first of October the Oath Keepers leadership instructed its 30,000 members to, in their words, go “operational” by forming Civilization Preservation teams.

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They apparently have backbones of iron, in Iron County: Counties declare emergency over closed parks. (Thanks to Nate H. for the link.)

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NSA tracks Google ads to find Tor users

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Frank B. sent: Obama to Allow Amnesty Rally on National Mall After Kicking Veterans Out

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Elise Cooper mourns the passing of novelists Vince Flynn and Tom Clancy: Farewell to the Masters

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  1. I am trying to remember the book recommendation by JWR believe it maybe Black arrow by vince supernockiz just a guess on title and authors name

    any help appreciated thanks Dan

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