Letter Re: Recommending Todd Savage of Survival Retreat Consulting

Hello Mr. Rawles,
Just a note of thanks to you and your site for leading me to Todd Savage at Survival Retreat Consulting (SRC.)

I read your novel Patriots and that gave me the incentive I needed to pursue a retreat for my family.  I researched the means available to obtain my retreat and that included SRC’s ad on your SurvivalBlog.com site.  I was impressed with Todd’s well thought out process and the advantage that his own experience in making the journey with his own family brought to the process.  With your recommendation as a tail wind, I hired Todd and I can truly say it was one of the best decisions I have made.
Thanks to Todd’s diligent efforts, my family now has a retreat in the American Redoubt that is custom-tailored to my family’s needs.  But beyond the just the property search itself [which included hours and hours of his videotaping], Todd then introduced me to competent and trustworthy people to assist us with all of our retreat needs [from solar energy providers, electricians, IT specialists, nurseries and pond excavators to name a few.]  His wife met with my wife and was kind enough to answer all of her questions from wood cook stoves to organic gardening and pest control.  To top it off, our families gathered for our first American Redoubt barbecue.
Kudos to Todd Savage at Survival Retreat Consulting and kudos to you, Mr. Rawles, for your selection of an excellent site sponsor. – Tom  X. (Formerly of California)

JWR Replies: I do indeed recommend Todd’s services. Readers might be interested in Todd’s new affiliated real estate agency: AmericanRedoubtRealty.com