Letter Re: Basic Mechanics Skill and Knowing Vehicular Limitations

If I might add my two cents to Albert’s comments on Basic Mechanics Skill and Knowing Vehicular Limitations:  I was also inconvenienced with lug nuts being over-torqued. I bent the factory lug wrench in the process.   My dear spouse would have never been able to loosen one, much less five lug nuts. So I vowed to never again be put in that position again.  I made the assumption that the tire store torqued the lug nuts to factory specifications. They went far beyond that number. Apparently, many do.
My solution was far less high tech, EMP proof, and far less expensive: a 24-Inch breaker bar with a 1/2″ drive for each vehicle.  Add the correct socket, and a six inch extension and you will never struggle with that aspect of a tire change again.   Get one for each vehicle and make it a permanent part of that vehicle’s tool kit. – John T.