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Today is the birthday of Ludwig von Mises. (Born 1881, died October 10, 1973.) — Today we present another entry for Round 48 of the SurvivalBlog non-fiction writing contest. The prizes for this round include: First Prize: A.) Gunsite Academy Three Day Course Certificate, good for any one, two, or three course. (A $1,195 value.) B.) A course certificate from onPoint Tactical. This certificate will be for the prize winner’s choice of three-day civilian courses. (Excluding those restricted for military or government teams.) Three day onPoint courses normally cost $795, and C.) Two cases of Mountain House freeze dried assorted …

A Year of Starvation: My Experience, by K.S.

Though food shortages and malnutrition are popular discussion topics for preppers, I doubt that many of us have experienced a real, prolonged lack of food. Certainly we’ve all had a day or two – maybe even more, for the gutsy– with minimal or no food, but often those days happen by choice and are for practice, with a set end in sight. How many of us have gone weeks, months, or more on limited rations? How many of us know what to expect and how we’d feel? How many of us are ready for the surprises and challenges that prolonged …

Letter Re: Thoughts on Barbara Tuchman and System Fragility

James, I was reading Tuchman’s seminal work The Guns of August last night and found this quote, where she describes the emphasis in 1910 by author Norman Angell in his book The Great Illusion on how the increasing connectedness of business and nations would assuredly preclude future conflict: ‘By impressive examples and incontrovertible argument Angell showed that in the present financial and economic interdependence of nations, the victor would suffer equally with the vanquished; therefore war had become unprofitable; therefor no nation would be so foolish as to start one.’ This cited work was published in 1910, just prior to …

Economics and Investing:

G.G. flagged this: Stockton Farmers Say Walnut Crops Are Prime Targets For Creative Thieves B.B. sent this: Credit card firm cuts off nation’s No. 1 gun store — for selling guns Items from The Economatrix: Over at Zero Hedge: QE Worked For The Weimar Republic For A Little While Too Cyprus-Style Wealth Confiscation Is Now Starting To Happen All Over The Globe US Economic Confidence Slumps To Six-Month Low Oil Rises Above $103 A Barrel On US Data

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RBS recommended this fascinating article: Six Months in the Middle Ages: Surviving the Moscow Winter    o o o F.J. suggested this: Vintage Machinery Website    o o o H.L. liked this one: What to do when your Dominant Eye Differs from your Dominant Hand    o o o The 1911 Pistol Is Its Own Toolbox! (Thanks to K.T. for the link.)